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Certificate programme in business analytics – Indian School of Business

Indian School of Business (ISB
12 -24 Month Hyderabad
Beginner 16-Dec-2016
India Business Analytics
Hybrid 43014


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The Programme is designed on a schedule that minimizes of work and personal persuits. The program is a combination of classroom and Technology aided learning platform. Participants will typically be on campus for a 5 day schedule of classroom learning every alternate month for a span of 12 months, which would ideally be planned to include a weekend.

In the month of no classroom connect, the classes will be conducted over a technology aided learning platform. The contact hours in this platform would be 56 hours a month and every alternate month.

CBA is a rigorous and challenging programme. The schedule will include full days of teaching and evenings will be used for guest lectures, projects, and group work. Participants will be required to stay on campus during those classroom days.

Tie-up- Biocon Foundation


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Duration- 1 year

Mode: Offline

Part time/Full Time: Part time


Participants are expected to spend 8 to 10 hours per week studying the material before they commence classes each term. Online assessments and pre-course projects are also incorporated in the programme to ensure academic rigour.

Admission dates:

1 Applications Open for CBA Batch 8 Sep 5, 2016
2 Last date for receiving application Nov 10, 2016
3 Online test Nov 12, 2016
4 Commencement of Interviews Nov 15, 2016
5 Final list of selected candidates Dec 13, 2016
6 Blocking Fees As per the admission offer
7 First Instalment As per the admission offer
8 Last Instalment As per the admission offer
9 Commencement of programme Dec 16, 2016


Note: Not Mandatory: GMAT/GRE/CAT scores can be considered as per the cut offs decided by the academic team. (For Online test exemption)


The fee for the programme is INR 7,50,000 (Rupees 7.5 lakh), plus service tax. The fee covers the following:

  • Admission fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Course material
  • Accommodation and food during days of classes

Participants will have to bear the travel costs to attend classes and will have to procure their own laptops for the programme.


[su_tab title = “Eligibility”]

To be eligible to apply for the programme, the following criteria need to be fulfilled:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: The applicant should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering / Masters in Statistics, Mathematics etc or an equivalent qualification in any discipline.
  • Work Experience: The applicant should possess a minimum of 2 year of full-time work experience as on the date of submitting the application (desired experience is 4-6 years or more).
  • Fresher’s with Analytic bent of mind & superlative academic credentials would also be considered.


  • Letter of consent from your current employer is required for the candidate to pursue the Programme. This can be submitted either during the application process or once admission has been secured.

Selection Criteria

Admission Committee evaluate each applicant on several criteria to ensure that the participants selected for the programme are well-rounded individuals. Each component of the application and the interview is important, and the selection of the participants for the programme will be made considering a combination of many factors, including:

  • Quality of  relevant work experience such as taking significant responsibility
  • Work experience in Analytics function and the commitment and passion for the function
  • Evidence of professional success
  • Likelihood of benefiting from the programme
  • Business leadership potential, track-record, traits, attitude/mindset
  • Motivation to participate in the programme
  • Undergraduate degree performance
  • Performance in the interview
  • The above mentioned criteria are not in order of preference


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  • DeoSarang- Ph.D. in Operation Management
  • Karlapalem, Kamalakar- Ph.D. in Computer Science
  • Bala, Kartic- M.S. in Technology Management
  • Bhimsankaram, P.- Ph.D. in Statistics
  • Kunnumkal, Sumit- Ph.D. in Operations Research
  • Krishnan, T.- Ph.D. in Statistics
  • Sengupta, Debasis- Ph.D. in Statistics, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
  • Bose, Smarajit- Ph.D. in Statistics
  • Kumar, Shailesh- Ph.D. in Computer Engineering
  • Sohoni, Milind G- Ph.D. in OR
  • Mehra, Amit- Ph.D. in Management
  • Ghose, Anindya- Ph.D. in Information systems
  • Pereira, Arun- Ph.D. in Business Administration (Marketing)


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  • Ankit says:

    Is there any work ex required to pursue this course …

  • Mythili P says:

    When do they notify for admissions in a year? When is admission for the next batch likely to start? Kindly provide details.

    • Kunal Jain says:


      Currently, there are no details available on the next admission batch. However, there was one batch of admissions, which finished recently and ISB had been running one batch each year, so you can expect the next batch details to evolve in next 6 months.

      Hope this helps.


  • Mahipal says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Do you have any idea about what would job placement after taking this course.( In terms of average package)


  • Karthikeyan says:


    ISB officially would not arrange for any placement services for the business analytics certificate programme (CBA). Since it is a long term – part time programme and as companies are sponsoring the candidates either financially or atleast by the way of time off from work to attend this programme, ISB do not feel appropriate to offer placement services.

    However ISB publishes a profile book. Interested companies get in touch with the students directly.

    My personal perspective – Based on your level of experience and expertise you will get good openings outside ISB as well. There are many companies started recognizing this programme.

  • Tarun says:

    What tool is used in this program? SAS is mentioned in other programs!!

    • Kunal Jain says:

      Hi Tarun,

      The tools used in Certification programme in Business analytics are:
      1. SAS Modules
      2. Software tools in the Programme: R, MySQL Workbench, MySQL Server, Python, Stata, @Risk,Simio, Tableau, XLMiner, NodeXL Tibco Spotfire, MeXL, Hadoop (AWS) & Qmacros

      P.S. We are providing this information as provided on ISB website. For latest revisions, you should continue to check their site.


  • Pardeep says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Just want to check if ISB Mohali also offering same.

    • Kunal Jain says:

      Not that I am aware of.

    • Susrenitha Tummala says:

      Hello Pradeep, Tarun,
      Iam currently pursuing the Analytics course at ISB
      The course is offered only at Hyderabad campus
      We are being given hands-on on various tools like R, Tableau, SAS , Excel add ins like XLminer, @Risk, Simio etc..

      • Kamal T says:

        Hi Susrenitha,

        Can you provide any details of placement?
        Right now I’m not working in analytics field so are there any such students?

      • Ramesh says:

        Hi Susrenitha,

        I am looking out to do this BA course from ISB Hyderabad. I have done my graduation in BSc (IT) and completed my post gradution in MIM (Master in information management)
        I have around 6years of total experience in VBA Automation and MIS.

        I will be greatful if you can help me with the following:
        1) Selection procedure.
        5) Do

        Thank you,

        Best Regards,
        [email protected]

  • Sachin Agarwal says:


    I recently went through application form on ISB website. They are asking for person responsible for Training and development in my organisation, with all details like official email id, and all this in personal application. My point is why they need this information when I am applying as a personal applicant. And haven’t talked with my Manager regarding this course yet.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


  • rahul says:

    Is they provide any campus placement for that?

  • Shikha says:

    How can we prepare for the online test which is one criterion for the admission into the program? Could you please guide regarding the contents of that test. I have 4 years work experience and I am targeting the 2015 batch.

  • ajay prtap singh says:


    wanted to know admission procedure for ISB one year analytic course.
    is GMAT score is mandatory to took admission in this programm.


  • Ram says:

    How can we get through the entrance test?

  • Michael says:

    I am student of current batch and I would be happy to answer all your questions, write to me at [email protected]

  • Michael says:

    Few persons have asked about entrance test. The entrance consists of questions from DI, Probability, LR and Statistics. It is an online test and you can take the test from your home/office etc. Make sure you study Permutations/Combinations, Basic Statistics( mean, median , mode). There is no fixed syllabus for the test and hence you need to be objective in your preparations.

    • Ankana says:

      Hi Michael

      For the online test, will there be an email communication sent to the applicant or do we login to our profile and check for a link or will there be a notification on the website.

  • INDAL KUMAR says:

    I have received some information about the program that its very irregular, and many mid level and senior level professional just go to enjoy some time-out from their busy schedule , came to know that sometimes nobody comes to attend classes rather they get busy visiting the city.

    However , we always think upon what we are gonna get from that course , because negativity and spoilers are always there specially in executive courses.

    Even if we consider that what benefit I can extract from that course totally depends upon me, still there is one question haunting my mind, so it really be helpful if anybody can share that how can this course benefit me as I am plain graduate from Arts section, working in general management profile, even after successful completion of this program I will not be considered for promotion or career advancement in my company which I know it well, means will have to apply fresh showing this certificate and previous managerial experience ; so what are may chances to get call from companies?

    This can be answered that its just value addition or learning experience and learnings can benefit me at any point of time with ISB brand, but am looking for answers in this course perspective and immediate effect of this program.

  • Rishi says:

    If i want to do the course on SAS during my working period, do we have nay good institute in Bangalore which will be good for SAS training.

  • Raj says:

    Hi Kunal,
    First of all thanks for a great site and great repository to learn about Analytics. Really helpful for anyone intagible or tangible to Analytics.
    Anyways, can you help me find answers to below question about CBA program at ISB :
    1. I have 9 year of IT experience. Mostly in legacy system (Mainframes) and banking/insurance domain. Will this program help my transformation to Analytics Industry ? Just to add, I have learnt the basics of Data Analytics/SAS/Python and R via platform like EDX, Coursera, Analyticsvidhya and pluralsight. The only thing, I miss is a capstone like project which provides a full hands on.
    2. Is the cost of program worth it ? (7 lakhs plus extra for SAS and AWS)
    3. Will ISB tag help in attracting companies?
    thanks in Advance.

  • Rishi says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I have got admission offer for current Batch(Sep 2015) of Certificate of Business Analytics in ISB, is it worth joining, please suggest.

  • Sunny says:

    Hello Kunal,

    I need a suggestion regarding the CBA program in ISB. Is it possible to contact you over phone please ?

  • yash shah says:

    how is the Indian data science courses compared with the masters in data science offerred by US

  • Daman Bhatia says:

    Hi, Which is the best executive business analytic course as I am working and want to persuade the course along with my Job. Also, I am a commerce graduate, does it requires any specific technical knowledge to persuade carrier in business analytic field.


  • Srinivas says:

    I have submitted my application for Business Analytics two weeks back, but i did not get any confirmation from ISB. Though i tried calling ISB and the Contact person mentioned , no response from ISB. Does it mean my application got rejected ?? Please help.

  • Aadil says:

    Is there any option to learn online?
    I cannot leave work to do classroom studies.

  • Amandeep Singh says:

    Hi Kunal,

    I want to persue the said course, have an experience of 4 years. What should i do to persue the course?Can you please provide me with some more information?