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Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) is a reputed designation offered to professionals who successfully qualify the CBAP® exam. CBAP® is offered by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). CBAP® certification program is based on extensive business analysis and is ideal for the ones who have experience and knowledge in business analysis. By achieving this credential, a professional can demonstrate their ability to understand business needs and determine effective solutions to fulfill the needs.


  • Globally recognized professional credential
  • Certification awarded by reputed IIBA
  • Established skills on business analysis
  • Ability to identify business needs and determine solutions
  • Better career opportunities in the global job market


CBAP® exam is governed by IIBA. It is a three and half an hour duration exam with 150 questions. CBAP® exam is based on the Business Book of Knowledge (BABOK®).

Program Structure/ Procedure:

You need to pass the initial screening process for the CBAP® exams. Once the IIBA® assesses your qualifications for the exam, you should schedule a date for the exam with the official testing agency. You will receive an email with the instructions once your reservation is approved. You can visit for the complete process. The application fee is INR 7500 (assuming $ = INR 60) USD and is not refundable (i.e. regardless of whether your application is approved or declined). The exam fee is INR 19,500 (assuming $ = INR 60) USD for IIBA members and INR 27000 (assuming $ = INR 60) USD for non-members.


The fee for CBAP exam is INR 19,500 (assuming $ = INR 60) for IIBA members and INR 27000 (assuming $ = INR 60)for non-members.

Training Types:

  • Classroom Training Training Type

Simplilearn offers CBAP preparatory course training through blended learning model that includes interactive CBAP preparatory course certification classes and free access to online CBAP preparatory course training. You can also avail full-length practice tests along with our CBAP preparatory course class.

  • Online Self Learning Training Type

Simplilearn offers CBAP preparatory course certification training online program for professionals who want to avail self-paced training on CBAP. Our online CBAP preparatory course certification training courseware includes audio-video chapters with quizzes at the end of each chapter. There are 8 audio-video chapters covering important concepts on CBAP provided. Avail CBAP preparatory course certification online training for convenient learning.

  • Instructor Led Online Classroom Training Type

Simplilearn offer CBAP training through virtual classroom training mode for professionals who are looking forward to attain some interactive sessions online. Our LVC program includes CBAP preparatory certification online classes, free access to CBAP preparatory course certification online training and full-length practice tests. Avail this training and gain valuable training on CBAP by an expert trainer at your convenience online.

A candidate requires high school or college degree; 7500 hours of Business Analysis experience over the past 10 years and 900 hours in 4 out of 6 knowledgeable areas to pursue CBAP certification.

Best Suited for:

The CBAP® certification program is ideally for the intermediate and senior business analyst. Business Analyst, Project Manager, Program Manager etc. are the best suited participants for CBAP training and certification program.

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