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Cluster analysis is one of the most popular techniques used in data mining for marketing needs.

This course will make you adept in the concepts of cluster analysis and you will also learn to use SAS (or similar other statistical software) to conduct hierarchical and non-hierarchical clustering and how to interpret the output.


6 hours LIVE interactive classes on Virtual Classroom: you will be able to view the instructor LIVE and participate in real-time discussions and LIVE web exercises with the instructor


10:30 PM to 12:00 AM (IST) Monday to Saturday (daily course) OR Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (alternate day course).

Fees: INR 15,000

Full Time/ Part Time:

Part Time

  • This course is for statistics or analytics professionals / students who need to apply this in their work but get confused with jargon and are overwhelmed with a plethora of materials available on the topic.
  • SAS
  • Gopal Prasad Malakar (Gurgaon, India)
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