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In this course you will learn SQL from very basic like installation, creating tables and loading data into those tables, along with SQL commands.

After this you will come to know answers of questions from marketers and businessman would have in their mind such as where are customers dropping off in our sales funnel? And which of our locations has the highest revenue?

By end of this course you will learn about Advanced SQL queries on Spark, the big data framework that is the successor to MapReduce and also runs on top of Hadoop.

  • Why you should stop depending on engineers and learn SQL
  • Survey of SQL databases and Installation of SQLite
  • What is a relational database? Basic commands
  • Indexes and speed comparison
  • Modifying a table’s data
  • Joining tables
  • Aggregating, grouping, and sorting. Real marketing queries
  • Advanced: SQL on Spark
  • Further Knowledge, Practice and Exercises

Duration: 1 Hours

Mode: Online Instructor-Led

Fees: $ 60 (Please check website for discount)


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