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In this course attendees learn how to use data mining to find advanced patterns in their data, and perform predictions based on the patterns found using SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services. This is a high-end course, enabling students to go beyond simple usage of wizards. In-depth understanding of the data mining algorithms, how they are built and how they work, is provided.

Program Structure:

  • Module 01: Introduction to Data Mining
  • Module 02: Understanding the Data
  • Module 03: Navigation in Hierarchies
  • Module 04: Data Mining Algorithms Part 1
  • Module 05: Data Mining Algorithms Part 2
  • Module 06: Data Mining Algorithms Part 3
  • Module 07: Data Mining Extensions (DMX) Language
  • Module 08: Integration with SQL Server BI Suite
  • Module 09: Data Mining with Excel
  • Module 10: Analyzing Texts
  • Module 11: Developing Data Mining Applications
  • Module 12: Administering Data Mining Models


€ 1790 (EUR)

Promotional Price:

€1432.00 (EUR)

Important Date:

06 April – 08 April 2015

Part Time/Full Time: 

Part Time


Before attending this course, it is recommended that students have the following skills:

  • At least moderate experience with data warehousing, reporting and On-Line Analytical Processing
  • Familiarity with the Transact-SQL Language
  • Knowledge of a .NET language like C# or VB.NET is welcome as well
  • The following SolidQ courses are recommended as a learning path to this course:
  • Transact-SQL Fundamentals
  • BI Boot Camp 2008 R2 or BI Immersion 2012
  • SQL
  • Excel
  • BI
  • Algorithms
  • DMX
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