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in this course you will learn more about deep learning techniques like

  1. Momentum:
  2. adaptive learning rate techniques like AdaGrad and RMSprop
  3. dropout regularization
  4. TensorFlow
  5. Theano library

This course focus more on topics like: Tensorflow & Theano. You will learn what are tensorflow & Theano Library variables, functions and expression and how to use these building blocks to create Neural network.

  • Outline, the MNIST dataset, and Linear (Logistic Regression) Benchmark
  • Gradient Descent: Full vs Batch vs Stochastic
  • Momentum and adaptive learning rates
  • Theano
  • TensorFlow
  • Modern Regularization Techniques
  • GPU Speedup and Homework
  • Project: Facial Expression Recognition
  • Appendix

Duration: 3 Hours

Mode: Online Instructor-Led

Fees: $ 120 (Please check website for discount)

Knowledge of Python, Numpy, and Matplotlib

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