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This course let you understand the Anatomy of Decision tree. It cover basic concepts like the Need for a model and Data design along with advance techniques like Regression Tree, Pruning, CHAID and CART algorithms which helps in becoming a Predictive analytics expert.

  • Introduction to Decision Tree
  • Data design for Modelling
  • Data treatment before Modelling
  •  Classification of Tree development and Algorithm details
  • Industry practice of Classification tree-Development, Validation and Usage
  • Regression Tree and Auto Pruning
  • CHAID Algorithm
  • Other Algorithms

Who should go for this course?

  • Developers who want to become Data Scientist
  • Analytics Consultants
  • R / SAS / SPSS Professionals
  • Data Analysts
  • Information Architects and Data Engineers
  • Statisticians

Duration: Lifetime Access

Mode: Online Self-paced

Fees: INR 4,249

Basic knowledge of R programming language

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