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In this course, he shows how to use Excel’s data-analysis tools—including charts, formulas, and functions—to create accurate and insightful forecasts. Learn how to display time-series data visually; make sure your forecasts are accurate, by computing for errors and bias; use trendlines to identify trends and outlier data; model growth; account for seasonality; and identify unknown variables, with multiple regression analysis. A series of practice challenges along the way helps you test your skills and compare your work to Wayne’s solutions.

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Course Program:

  • Plotting and displaying time-series data
  • Creating a moving average chart
  • Accounting for errors and bias
  • Using and interpreting trendlines
  • Modeling exponential growth
  • Calculating compound annual growth rate (CAGR)
  • Analyzing the impact of seasonality
  • Introducing the ratio-to-moving-average method
  • Forecasting with multiple regression


INR 15, 00 (assuming $ = INR 60)


3 hour 7 minutes

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  • Excel

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