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The Introduction to Data Science class will survey the foundational topics in data science, namely:

  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Analysis with Statistics and Machine Learning
  • Data Communication with Information Visualization
  • Data at Scale — Working with Big Data

Program Structure

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Data Science
  • Lesson 2: Data Wrangling
  • Lesson 3: Data Analysis
  • Lesson 4: Data Visualization
  • Lesson 5: MapReduce What


  • Use statistical analysis, machine learning, and MapReduce to discover interesting patterns and trends about the New York Subway. 


2 months

Assumes 6 hours/week (work at your own pace)

Fees: – INR 11,940/Month (assuming $ = INR 60)

Part Time/Full time:

Part Time

  • The ideal students for this class are prepared individuals who have:
  • Strong interest in data science
  • Background in intro level statistics
  • Python programming experience
  • Or understanding of programming concepts such as variables, functions, loops, and basic python data structures like lists and dictionaries
  • MapReduce
  • Python
  • Dave Holtz:
  • Cheng-Han Lee
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