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This course is about learning R Tool which is one of the most popular Analytical Tool used in the Industry.

  • Professional Relevance: R is gaining popularity day by day; companies like Facebook, Google are using R in extensive manner. Demand for the tool is increasing as it is available for free.
  • Put your Resume in spotlight: In most of the Data Analyst Resume you will find SAS/SPSS and other conventional tools; by learning R you can add extra points to your Resume.
  • It’s easy to Learn R: R is an open source language; it is available for free. Huge R community is adding to the functionality of R daily. All the tutorials/code are easily available.


You will require a working R/R Studio software to complete the course exercises. You can download the software from cran.r-project.org


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Mode: Online

Duration: Lifetime Access once you sign up

Fees: INR. 5,940/- (assuming $=INR.60/-)


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Language R


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