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INSOFE has entered into collaborative agreements with well-known US Universities to offer unique world-class graduate programs in Data Science/Business Analytics/Big Data Analytics.

INSOFE is well aware of the trend, its program in Data Sciences/Big Data Analytics drawing students from a host of disciplines.

The program’s most recent effort to expand and enrich its offerings has resulted in an unprecedented collaboration with three American universities: Bowling Green State University, Drexel University and Benedictine University, with more in development.

The program is in the field of Data Science/Big Data Analytics/Predictive Analytics/Business Analytics. Selected 39 students get admission and guaranteed scholarships from the collaborating universities.

Benefits of these Collaborative Programs:

These collaborations provide students enrolled in INSOFE’s Data analytics program with many benefits over other students.

  • An assured scholarship* from the universities (up to 30% discount on the regular tuition fee)
  • Career services** in USA after completion of the Masters program
  • Preparation for success in the Masters program and subsequent career through a certificate program at INSOFE (Certificate of Proficiency in Advanced Introduction to Data Science) prior to starting the Masters in USA
  • Total cost of the program, including INSOFE’s pre-masters certificate program and post-masters career services, is less than the universities’ regular cost for their respective Masters programs
  • Education loans available

*Students must continue to meet university requirements to maintain scholorship in subsequent quarters/semesters.
** Students with a 3.5 or above GPA in the Masters programs will be provided career services by our industry partner Neumeric Technologies Corporation, a Global IT Services and Solutions provider based in Michigan, Ohio and India.

Interested students from any discipline with following degrees: B.E./B.Tech., M.E./M.Tech., M.Sc. (Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics), MCA, MBA, B.Pharm and M.Pharm.

INSOFE’s pre-masters certificate program: Rs 3,00,000 + taxes @ 12.36% to be paid to INSOFE.

University fee: Regular university tuition fee minus the scholarship component (up to 30% discount on regular tuition fee) to be paid directly to the university as per their schedule.

Education Loan is available for the entire program (pre-masters fee + University fee).