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Decision making process in modern business environment has transformed. Its now based upon Market Research and Data Analytics. This transformation is also aided by profession excellence in Market Research & Data Analytics by IT enabled services (ITES), business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing, business intelligence, knowledge management and market research companies.

This program focuses on building a strong foundation in Research & Data Analytics for entry – level to mid – level professionals. It will also cover the application of data analytical tools to assist strategic decision making. The program leans on practical and conceptual approaches that will be addressed through the sophisticated data analytics software.

  • Introduction to Market Research & Data Analytics
  • Multivariate Data Analysis – I
  • Multivariate Data Analysis – II
  • Forecasting Methods
  • Data Analytics
  • Project – Practical Implementation


One year with 9+ months of online classes + campus visit.

Live Online Classes

  • Conducted twice a week for 1:30 hours on each Saturday & Sunday afternoon

Important Date

July 18th (Last date to Apply: June 30th)

Details of Fee

Application Fee:         Rs. 2,000/- (excluding service tax)

Programme Fee (Indian Participants):
Option 1: 100% upfront
Course Fee:                   Rs. 85,000/- (excluding service tax)
Campus Visit Fee:      Rs. 9,345/- (excluding Service Tax)

Total Fee: Application + Campus + Program = Rs. 96,345/- (excluding service tax)
(Discounted pricing for paying upfront fee)

Option 2: Installments (for Program Fee only):

Down payment:            Rs.40,000 within 7 days of selection
1st Installment:            Rs.25,000 on 15th September 2015
2nd Installment:          Rs.20,000 on 15th November 2015
3rd Installment:           Rs.20,000 on 15th January 2016

Installments do not include campus fees. The installments are calculated at
12.36% service tax. Any revision in service tax will be adjusted on student’s

Programmer Fee (Foreign Participants):

100% upfront
USD 2,500
Campus Visit Fee:       Rs. 9,345/- (Excluding Service Tax)

Payment for the application fee, programme fee and registration fee should be drawn
in favour of ‘Ivory Education Pvt Ltd’ payable at New Delhi.

Payment for the campus fee (Rs. 9,345/- + service tax) will be in favour of ‘Mudra
Institute of Communications Ahmedabad’ payable at Ahmedabad. Dates of campus
visit will be announced in February 2016. Campus fees are mandatory and payable
directly to MICA.
Current rate of service tax is 12.36% which will be revised soon.

Part time/Full Time:

Part Time

  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • R
  • Dr. Vina Vani
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