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Data mining, the art and science of learning from data, covers a number of different procedures. In this online course, you will cover key unsupervised learning techniques: association rules, principal components analysis, and clustering. Predictive Analytics 3 will include an integration of supervised and unsupervised learning techniques.

This is a hands-on course — participants in the course will have access to an Excel-based comprehensive tool for data-mining, XLMiner, the use of which will be explained in the course. Participants will apply data mining algorithms to real data, and will interpret the results.

A final project will integrate an unsupervised task with supervised methods covered in predictive Analytics 1 and 2

Course Program:

  • Week 1: Dimension Reduction
  • Week 2: Cluster Analysis
  • Week 3: Association Rules
  • Week 4: Integrating Supervised and Unsupervised Methods; Introduction to Network and Text Analytics

Important Date: –

April 15, 2016 to May 13, 2016


4 Week

Time Requirement: about 15 hours per week, at time of your choosing.

Fees: INR 35,340 (assuming $ = INR 60)

Full Time/Part Time:

Part Time

Who Should Take This Course:

Marketers seeking to specify customer segments and identify associations among products purchased, environment scientists seeking to cluster observations, analysts who need to identify the key variables out of many, MBA’s seeking to update their knowledge of quantitative techniques, managers and scientists who want to see what data-mining can do, and anyone who wants a practical hands-on grounding in basic data-mining techniques.

  • MS-Excel
  • Dr. Galit Shmueli
  • Mr. Anthony Babinec
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