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SAS Data Integration Studio provides a powerful visual design tool for building, implementing and managing data integration processes regardless of data sources, applications, or platforms. An easy-to-manage, multiple-user environment enables collaboration on large enterprise projects with repeatable processes that are easily shared.

SAS Data Integration Studio enables users to quickly build and edit data integration, to automatically capture and manage standardized metadata from any source, and to easily display, visualize, and understand enterprise metadata and your data integration processes.

Course program:

  • Data entry, Retrieval and Management.
  • Report writing and Graphic Design
  • Statistical and Mathematical Analysis.
  • Business forecasting and Decision Support.
  • Operations Research and Project management.
  • Applications Development.


30 sessions


Contact Institute

  • The audience for this training is MCA,,M.Sc(IT),B.Tech or B.E(CS, EC Branch), B.Sc, M.Sc(Stats).

  • SAS

  • Certified Consultants
  • Experience in statistics
  • More than 5 years of industry experience
  • Live Case study scenario
  • Working with multinational brands

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