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For an organisation to forecast its outcome in recent future they have to depend on the past trends which is in the form of data. There are plenty of techniques to maintain the data, like Times Series Forecasting and Application (TCSI), ARIMA, ARMAX etc. But all of these vary in terms of complexity and statistical understating as well as software needed. In this course the you will understand the theory behind time series analysis TCSI approach, all associated terms and how to apply it using readily available tool like MS Excel.

What will you learn in this particular course?

  • What is a time series data
  • How does one need to correct data at times before analysis
  • What is the trend component? How does one find trend component. How does one decide about the best form of the trend equation?
  • Understand the cycle component. How does it change in amplitude and cycle time.
  • Understand the seasonal component and how it is different than cyclic component.
  • What is the irregular component? From where it can come? How does one avoid the impact of this?
  • How to use the applicable component for forecasting the future


  • 2 LIVE interactive classes on Virtual Classroom of 1 hour each: you will be able to view the instructor LIVE and participate in real-time discussions and LIVE web exercises with the instructor


  • Class timings : 10:30 PM to 12:00 AM

Fees: – INR – 4, 800

Part Time/ Full Time:

Part Time

This Course is for:

  • For business analysts, lending professionals, credit card professionals
  • Also useful for statistics students and professionals
  • Statistics
  • MS-Excel
  • Gopal Prasad Malakar
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