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Analytics Vidhya Apprentice Programme

So, you read about the awesome programme, we have launched!

If you need more details on the programme, you can read them here. We at Analytics Vidhya, understand, what you need to do, in order to accelerate your career in Analytics and this programme aims to achieve exactly that. AV Apprentice is a unique programme, where you will get recognized for your knowledge.

The proposition:

We will extend our team to include a small batch of professional people and mentor them to achieve great heights in their analytics career. For 6 months from the start of the programme, these people work alongside team Analytics Vidhya and gain practical knowledge about the subject. The work includes (but is not restricted to) blogging, Interaction with people on social platforms, active participation on Analytics Vidhya forums, participation in data science competitions ad much more.

What do I need to pay for this awesome opportunity?

Well…nothing financially. You need to put in a lot of efforts, to go through this rigorous program. We will get the content and any financial rewards that come in from the work we do together.

However, in order to make sure that we only get serious candidates for the programme, we have introduced a nominal deposit, which is INR 6000/- (~$100). The entire amount would be refunded to you, the day you pass out of the programme. In case you don’t finish the programme, this deposit would be treated as a compensation for our efforts (and hence will not be refunded).

You will need to clear a tough, multi-stage selection process. Following that, there will be a 6 month rigorous programme.

P.S. – You only get the certificate post completion of programme. There are no marks for participating.

Stage 1 applications:

The applications for first batch of the programme are now closed. Thanks everyone for the tremendous response. We will get back to you shortly.
For any queries regarding the programme, feel free to reach out to [email protected]

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  • Nagaraju says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Glad to know about this porgram.
    I submitted my application for the apprentice program but didnt receive any acknowledgement from your side. Hope I get status of my application soon.


  • Mayur P says:

    I want to join this, kindly help.

  • Balaji says:

    I would like join this course. Can you let me know when is the next option as I see the course timelines is closed.


    • Kunal Jain says:


      Kindly subscribe to our emails. Alrenately, you can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter for latest updates. The links are present at the end of every article.


  • Suneetha Akula says:

    Hi Kunal,

    This is wonderful site. Thank you so much for doing this. it really helps people like me who are confused with the career path in Analytics world ,

    I would like do this course please let me know when it opens next time

    Thanks heaps for insights great effort


  • Anurag Reddy G V says:

    I am willing to join the Apprentice program. May I know whether it is still open or not ?

  • Anurag Reddy G V says:

    When will the next batch start?

  • Peter M says:

    Hello, Any update on the progress and the possible yimeline of the next openning. Thanks.

    • Kunal Jain says:


      We will likely launch the next batch post completion of this batch – 1st March 2015. However, the selection process for the same would start in January 2015.


  • Peter says:

    Thanks, Look forward to it. I have come to appreciate the content of the site, great material.

  • Satish says:

    Where does this apprentice program take place ?

    • Kunal Jain says:


      The programme happens with aid of technology. You can be part of it from any where across the globe, as long as you have goof net connectivity.


  • V Singh says:

    Hi I am working as a Market Analyst at a research firm.
    Now my job revolves around getting data from the sources and making good contacts.
    But i am bored with my job, data analyst or data scientist really excites me as a profile.
    So please help me out with what should i do change my profile as forecasting and analysing data really excites me.
    How should i start my path to reach there as a beginner.

    Warm Regards

  • Siminy says:

    Notification of AV next bacth

  • Ravi Junu says:


    I am intrested to join programme. Please let me know about the upcoming batch.


    • Kunal Jain says:

      Hi Ravi,

      As of now, Analytics Vidhya is not offering Apprentice Program. I suggest you to stay connected to our website for new upcoming programme. Once the Apprentice programme is scheduled, it will be updated on Analytics Vidhya website.


  • Anup Saxena says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Am an It professional having 15 yrs of Experience in Managing Database centric projects and handled some BI projects as well. I have also gone through a course in Big Data in Hadoop Stack. Currently, I am handling a Big data implementation as well.

    I am interested in learning Predictive Analytics , Machine learning etc. I have some exposure to ‘R’ programming as well.

    I need your guidance to learn them in best possible mode and to understand the career path ahead

    Thanks in advance,
    -Anup Saxena
    M. 9873802862

  • Nagaraju says:

    When is the second batch of this program starts?