Thanking all successful women in the world of data analytics

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Women like Lady Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie, Mother Teresa, Indra Nooyi, Oprah Winfrey, Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg and many others have passionately served their communities across the world. They have enlightened other people to challenge the status quo and prove their worth.

On this International Women’s day, we thank some of the most successful women in the world of Data Analytics. We hope that they continue to contribute to the world of data science and inspire millions through their work.

Here are some of successful women who have proved their mettle in data analytics:


Carla Gentry(@data_nerd)

Carla Gentry

Carla Gentry is a Data Scientist & Founder of Analytical Solution. She holds a graduate degree in Maths & Economics from University of Tennessee. She carries an invaluable experience of over 15 years which includes working for Fortune 500 companies like Hershey, Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s and Firestone. She is one of the most popular personality in Big Data community to follow on Twitter. In 2013, the Information Week named her one of “10 IT Leaders to Follow on Twitter.”




Hilary Mason(@hmason)

hilary_electronicsHilary Mason loves two things: Data & Cheeseburgers! She is the Founder of Fast Forward Labs. Also, she is the co-founder of & DataGotham.  She completed her graduation in Computer Science from Grinnell College, US. She carries an invaluable experience of over 15 years which involves working at companies such as Accel Partners, Bitly, Path101 etc.  In 2012, she was the recipient of TechFellow Engineering Leadership Award. She has also co-authored a book named ‘Data Driven: Creating a Data Culture’.



Corina Cortes(@CorinnaCortes)

CorinnaCortes_200Corinna Cortes is the Head of Google Research, NY. Corinna received her MS degree in Physics from University of Copenhagen and joined AT&T Bell Labs as a researcher. She has also worked at AT&T Labs, formerly AT&T Bell Labs for more than 10 years as a researcher. She received her PhD in Computer Science from the University of Rochester. Her research areas include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, General Science and Algorithms & Theory. She is a competitive runner and mother of two.



Claudia Perlich(@claudia_perlich)

Claudia Perlich

Claudia is currently working as a Chief Data Scientist at Dstillery, where she is working closely over a multitude of machine learning algorithms and data processing tasks. She received her MS in Computer Science from University of Colorado. She holds a PhD from Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University. Claudia got featured in the list of 100 most creative people of 2014 by FastCompany. Her hobbies include horse riding, weight lifting, snowboarding, gardening etc.



Monica Rogati(@mrogati)

Monica Rogati

Monica has strong background in applied machine learning (CMU CS PhD), data science, wearables and health, social network analysis, recommender systems, statistical text mining and multilingual information retrieval (search). Her passion lies in turning data into products, actionable insights and meaningful stories. Currently, She is working as a Vice President of Data at Jawbone. Prior to Jawbone, She was one of the early members of the LinkedIn data science team and has worked there for more than 5 years as Senior Data Scientist. She is also one of the Fast Company’s 100 most creative people in business.


 Daphne Koller(@DaphneKoller)

The Future of Higher Education: Daphne Koller

Daphne is the President and Co-Founder of Coursera. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University. Later, she taught at Stanford for 18 years as a Professor of Computer Science. She has been felicitated with various awards & accolades which includes ACM Infosys Awards, MacArthur Foundation Fellowship and many more. Her research focus lies in using probabilistic models and machine learning to understand complex domains that involve large amounts of uncertainty. During idle time, she likes to listen to music & spend time with her daughters.


 Lillian Pierson(@BigDataGal)

Lillian Pearson

Lillian is a self-proclaimed nomadic datapreneur. She is the Founder & Chief Data Scientist at ‘DataMania’, an information services start-up. Prior to DataMania, she founded She strongly believes ‘Data science and big data technologies are quickly changing the world. These technologies have the power to solve business, social, lifestyle, and environmental problems to a degree that is unparalleled throughout human history’. She is the author of famous book ‘Data Science for Dummies’. She’s an avid traveller and has travelled over 28 countries across the world.



 Radhika Kulkarni(LinkedIn)

Radhika Kulkarni

Currently, She is the VP of Advanced Analytics R&D at SAS Institute. Radhika oversees software development in many analytical areas including Statistics, Operations Research, Econometrics, Forecasting and Data Mining. She received MSc Degree in Mathematics from IIT Delhi, India. She holds a PhD in Operations Research from Cornell University. Radhika is a Member of the Board of Directors for IDeaS, a SAS Company.




 Alice Zheng(LinkedIn)


Alice is the Director of Data Science at Dato. She holds Ph.D. and B.A. degrees in Computer Science, and a B.A. in Mathematics, all from University of California, Berkley. She is known to be an expert in machine learning algorithms. She loves juggling with data and empowers others in doing so. Prior to joining Dato, she worked for 6 years at Microsoft as a machine learning researcher. Her focus is on ‘easing the dependence on expertise by making learning algorithms more automated, their outputs more interpretable, and the labeling tasks simpler’.


 Sunita Sarawagi(LinkedIn)

Prof.-Sunita-Sarawagi-150x150Sunita Sarawangi is a graduate in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur, India. Later, she received her PhD in databases from University of California at Berkley. Sunita’s work is well known in databases & data mining and has several publications & patents registered at her name. Her current research interests are web information extraction, data integration, graphical models and structured learning. She was awarded the Best paper award at 1998 ACM-SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data. She serves on the board of directors of ACM SIGKDD and VLDB foundation.



Kristin P. Bennett

Kristan P Bennet

Kristin is a founding associate editor of ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. She serves on the advisory board of the Journal of Machine Learning Research. Her research areas includes Mathematical Programming, Operations Research, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics and Data Mining communities. She has gained experience developing data mining approaches for chemistry, biology, and public health related applications. Currently, She is a Professor at Mathematical Science and Computer Science at Rensselaer.


Once again, we would like to thank these successful women in the field of data analytics. They have unfailingly contributed to the development of data analytics globally.

This is not an exhaustive list, so if you know some one who should be on the list, please feel free to add them through the comments below.


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Sudhi 09 Mar, 2015

Great to see that female fraternity is contributing in a great manner to this budding industry. All the best to all the ladies out their and happy women's day to you all.

Tom Dietterich
Tom Dietterich 09 Mar, 2015

Kristin Bennett is a Full Professor (according to her web page). Perhaps one of the most important names missing from this list is Grace Wahba (University of Wisconsin). She is the co-inventor of the kernel trick and co-author of the Representer Theorem that underlies support vector machines. There is also a long line of important women in the history of statistics.

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