Cheat Sheet for Exploratory Data Analysis in Python

avcontentteam 19 Jul, 2020
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The secret behind creating powerful predictive models is to understand the data really well. Thereby, it is suggested to maneuver the essential steps of data exploration to build a healthy model.

Here is a cheat sheet to help you with various codes and steps while performing exploratory data analysis in Python. We have also released a pdf version of the sheet this time so that you can easily copy / paste these codes.

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You can easily copy / paste these code and keep them handy by downloading the PDF version of this infographic here: Data Exploration in Python.pdf

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avcontentteam 19 Jul, 2020

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Responses From Readers


sumalatha 10 Jun, 2015

very much useful. plz provide its equivalent in R also.

Rajesh 12 Oct, 2015

Thanks . Sounds good . There are few additional features in Pandas compared to R.