— December 27, 2016

Experience : 8 – 14 years
Requirements :
Task Info :

Experience: 8-14 years

We are looking to hire a person who can lead our analytics strategy. This is a key role as the person would be defining the analytics road map for the organization. 

This would include:

o Building predictive models using the current data assets

o Integrating with other data pipelines / platforms to define the value from current / additional sources (e.g. Bureau data) 

o Defining the future hiring

o Expected to make a direct impact on the approval and disbursal rate through use of smart data based lending

Ideally someone with 8 – 14 years of experience in banking analytics, with some time in risk analytics

o The person would be expected to recruit a junior person for data cleansing and part of model building

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : banking, predictive model, risk
Location : Gurugram

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