— January 10, 2017

Experience : 3 – 5 years
Requirements : Curriculum iteration (10% time)
Industry-relevant cases and projects (40% time)
Academic quality assurance and guest faculty (40% time)
Thought-leadership (10% time)
Student experience (post-program launch)
Task Info :

We are the India’s hottest online education startup. Well funded with a committed team, our mission is to empower individuals to reach their full professional potential in the most engaging learning environment. We are partnering with universities and corporates to unite academia and industry and bring education in India to the next level. With a lack of more than one million skilled individuals in areas such as Big Data and Digital Business Management, we are creating post-graduate programs for working professionals in new-age, industry relevant areas. Merging the latest technology, pedagogy and services, we are creating an immersive student experience – anytime and anywhere.

Key Responsibilities:  

We have launch a 11-month online Post Graduate Diploma Program in Data Analytics in partnership with a leading education institute. We envision building this credential into a gold standard for Analytics professionals, akin to a CFA in the Finance world. As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) – Data Analytics, we would seek your leadership in the following areas to help deliver a rigorous, industry-relevant program: 

 Curriculum iteration (10% time): Build a rigorous program by informing decisions on curriculum structure, describing various analytics concepts in innovative, simple ways, and time allocation across concepts
 Industry-relevant cases and projects (40% time): Identify industry-relevant projects / cases and develop them (e.g. data sets, code solutions, evaluation criteria) with industry partners to offer students compelling project experience from a recruiter standpoint 

 Academic quality assurance and guest faculty (40% time): Help create learning material with an in-house team of data science associates and review its technical and pedagogical quality to ensure an engaging delivery on the program. Deliver 1-2 modules to supplement the existing faculty.

 Thought-leadership (10% time): Leverage our platform to publish original content (e.g. video as guest faculty, articles on our blog) to position yourself, and by association we as a thought leader in the analytics industry
 Student experience (post-program launch): Lead a team of program associates to assist students with their academic doubts on the our platform

We are an engaging with various partners like Citi, Flipkart, Fractal, Genpact etc. which will give us the opportunity to build brand equity alongside industry thought leaders through our proprietary events, video content database, blog, among others. Join us in the journey of building a world-class program in Data Analytics!

Desired Profile:
 3-5 years in Data Analytics education and experience
 Education / hands-on, analytics workplace experience in applying concepts in statistics, descriptive, inferential, predictive analytics and machine learning, using regular and Big Data sets
 Intermediate to advanced proficiency in R, SQL, and / or Python
 Experience in multiple verticals will be a plus

 Depending on the deliverables.

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : pg
Skills : bigdata, data analysis, machine learning, MongoDB, python, r, sql, statistics
Location : Mumbai

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