— January 2, 2017

Experience : 2 – years
Requirements :
Task Info :

Risk analysts, sometimes referred to as risk managers, identifies and analyses potential risks threatening the financial position of commercial and industrial corporations and public/private organizations. They help businesses determine the amount of financial risks involved concerning investments and operational costs.


1.He is responsible for predicting change and future trends, as well as forecasting cost to the organization.

2.He should have an understanding of investment Risk Systems & portfolio management & essential business skills- communication & organization

3.He should have ability of forecasting and monitoring market trends.

4.He should use his analytical skills, along with his knowledge of international business and currency markets, to help clients limit losses.

5.He should be able to calculate risks involved in transactions and business proposals.

6.He should be able to recommend precautionary or improvement measures.

7.Help clients meet financial goals.

8.Analyze financial statements such as profit and loss, company budget and employee headcount reports.

9.Compile reports showing the proposed plan of action for existing and potential clients

10.Monitor and assess the post-period implementation of risk management strategies.

11.Strong Analytical Skills with The Competencies To Lead And Conduct Analyses. 

 12.Strong Project Management Skills And Ability To Prioritize And Manage Multiple Initiatives Simultaneously 


1.Bachelor’s degree in finance/ mathematics/ economics

2.Master’s degree: MBA from Tier A institute/Master’s of Economics or Statistics from premier institutes


1.In-depth knowledge of statistical/programming languages is a requisite for this role

2.Strong quantitative skills and in particular advanced statistics and/or econometrics are highly desirable.

3.Highly proficient in EXCEL, WORD and POWERPOINT, Access

4.Proficiency in MatLab/SAS and statistical packages desired

5. 2 years of work experience in an analytical role requiring quantitative and qualitative analytics (e.g. SQL, R) in the areas of business intelligence, statistics or scientific analysis.

6.Experience with data analysis.

7.Knowledge of Big Data and Machine learning algorithms is a plus

Work Experience:

1. 3 to 8 Years in the financial institutions such as banks & investment firms.

College Preference : tier1-any
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : banking, bigdata, business intelligence, data analysis, excel, machine learning, r, sql, statistics
Location : Gurugram

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