— March 20, 2017

Experience : 5 – years
Requirements :
Task Info :

Key job responsibilities:

MD- Technology team is recruiting a Data Scientist at Senior Analyst level. The individual should be creative and forward-thinking, answering the burning research questions by diving into data to test hypotheses and evolving trends.

The candidate should have strong statisticaland analytical background as she/he will be positioned, within the Technology team, as a subject matter specialist for data analytics. The individual will drive research projects exploring data analytics and visualization using diverse statistical tools/techniques. The Data Scientist should have experience evaluating relationships between multiple variables and using patterns in past data to shape predictive insights. Strong computer programming, statistical, and data visualization skills are required (preferred languages and software listed below). Findings will need to be distilled into broadly digestible formats via compelling visualizations and well written reports. The candidate will contribute to the development of externally-facing thought ware, across ideation of research topics to analyses and creation of the final reports targeted to senior executives.

·  Strong foundation in modeling, statistics, analytics, mathematicsandComputer Sciences. Ability to understand data structures usingcomputerprograms/algorithms, explain complex dataarchitectures to preparedatafor analysis, and make sense out of data

·  Strong understanding of machine learning methods such ask-nearestneighbors, random forests, Naive Bayes, ensemble methods.Understanding of broad strokes and when it isappropriate to use differenttechniques is a must.

·  Strong Knowledge of Multivariable Calculus and LinearAlgebra to buildour own implementations in house when necessary. Candidateshould be able tomake improvements in predictive performance or algorithmoptimization.

·  Ability to design solutions for complex business problemsrelated tolarge volume of data by using NLP/ Machine Learning/ Text Miningtechniques

·  Strong business acumen to understand context of theresearch situationand identify dataanalytics opportunities to differentiate analysis.  Guideanalytics process by framing hypothesesand stating research problem to accurately reflect the research situation

·  Perform statistical analysis of large data sets to better understandtrends and relationships between variables to inform predictiveinsights

·  Demonstrate ability to creativelyemploy new research tools to analyzedata and derive unique findings for marketingdata

·  Communicate research findings using compelling visualizations and wellwritten reports. Design and build data visualizations using diverse setsofstructured and unstructured data. Write engaging synopsis to informmethodology,assumptions, and conclusions of theanalysis

·  Lead development of research reports that are created using crediblequalitative and quantitative methodologies and based on key insights andfindings from the studies.  Liaisewiththe U.S. colleagues to understand, refine, and manage clients’ expectations andpriorities

·  Review outputs of junior colleagues and guide cross-team analysts to deploy statistical tools and techniques in their research projects. Conducttrainings for broader teams on statistical analysis

·  Propose creative analytics ideas and encourage fellow team members to explore advanced analytic techniques, such as predictive analytics, datamining, text mining, and/or sentiment analysis. To pursue new ideas – design research proposal, buildconsensus, and formula teresearch plan.

·  Identify internal and external information sources, build effectiveworking relationships with subject matter experts within the firm and theexternal marketplace



·  Strong computing, analytical, statistical, data visualization, andwriting skills


·  Familiarity with SQL and other database tools to store, organize,retrieve, and manage data for doing analysis


·  Strong statistical programming skills in R


·  Proficient in designing efficient and robust ETL workflows


·  Capable of quickly, regularly, and independently learning newtechnologies under the pressure of consistent high-profile project deliverableswith review by firm thought leaders

·  Good familiarity with Tableau or other data visualization tools. Portfolioo previously developed analysis and visualization work products is preferred

·  Advanced Microsoft Office skills


·  Strong verbal and written communication skills.  Demonstrate strong  consultative and engagingpresentation skills


·  Experience in leading and managing teams. Ability to work well in in-person and remote team situations


·  Experience with data visualization tools, such as D3.js,GGplot, etc.preferred


·  Self-motivated and strong team player. Highly developed personal and professional ethics

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : algorithms, etl, Linear algebra, machine learning, r, statistical modeling, text mining
Location : Hyderabad

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