— June 22, 2017

Experience : 1 – 4 years
Requirements :
Task Info :

Job Description and Responsibilities:

A very strong statistical modeller with expertise in building statistical models from scratch, expertise in R, Python, Matlab, C++ and comfortable working with large data sets.

Manage clients expectations and manage advanced analytics delivery.

Work with client to understand the business problem and convert the same into analytical problem

Hands on involvement in extracting, collating, performing data integrity checks, manipulating and analysing data

Hands on involvement in suggesting and building an appropriate statistical model relevant to the industry vertical

Develop analytical strategies for business using model results of predictive modelling, time series forecasting, clustering and segmentation of customers

Documenting and presenting work to the client. Proactively recommending and influencing changes in business decision-making.

Excellent verbal and written communication and form liason between business and technical architects and developers, Strong inclination towards consulting engagements involving machine learning and artificial intelligence.

To work in agile methodology for project delivery Good foundation in data structures, software design, algorithms and natural language processing

Required skills:

B.Tech., Dual Degree M.Tech., or M.Sc. (Integrated) in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or similar quantitative disciplines from the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) or Indian Statistical Institute (ISI).

Demonstrated ability to conduct independent research utilizing large datasets

At least 1 year of experience in programming, quantitative analysis or as a data scientist

Strong programming skills in one of the following: Python, C++, C# or Java

College Preference : tier1-any
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : c++, matlab, predictive modeling, python, r, statistical modeling
Location : Mumbai

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