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Ram Dewani 23 Nov, 2020 • 6 min read


  • Here is a list of 5 Data Science Career Related Webinars
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Since my college days, I had dreamt of becoming a data scientist at a reputed company. The field of data science is lucrative (because of the high salary band, jobs) but I also loved problem-solving, programming, and business domain – I knew Data Science was the field for me. But there were many questions! The first one being –

What do I need to do to become a great data scientist?


I used to ask my seniors, college professors, everyone gave conflicting views. It was definitely tough to navigate through the career from an outside view! I came across a few data science career meetups and attended them. It was one of the best decisions I made. Attending meetups and webinars have their advantage due to several reasons –

  • Get to learn from industry insiders
  • A great opportunity for networking
  • Get career advice and data science knowledge from experts

Meetups are a great way to learn and connect but since Covid-19 that is not possible, Webinars are one of the best alternatives to learn and interact directly with industry experts. In this article, I have given a collection of Top 5 webinars on how to navigate your career in Data Science.

As I mentioned above, it is hard for outsiders to navigate through the data science industry, hundreds of questions pop up – Which language should I choose, which vertical should I go for? and so on. That is why Analytics Vidhya’s AI and ML blackbelt program comes with 1:1 mentorship calls. The expert Data Science mentor will create a customized learning path that suits the career that you want to achieve. It offers 14+ courses, 25+ projects along with expert mentorship sessions! 

Starting a data science career without proper guidance and planning can be confusing. We have compiled a clear-cut free roadmap guide to building a career in Data Science that is curated by expert curators at Analytics Vidhya – 


Table of Contents

  1. Data Science vs. Data Engineering – Can you really separate them?
  2. Career Transition Into Data Science
  3. Problem Solving In Business Analytics and Data Science
  4. Going Beyond your First Machine Learning Project
  5. Data Science Careers – Which Role to go for? – Mathangi Sri

1. Data Science vs. Data Engineering – Can you really separate them?

Most aspirants in the data science field want to land the coveted role of a “Data Scientist”. But did you know that tech giants such as Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, etc are hiring Data Engineers like never before to process the massive amount of data they are gathering!

Surprising, isn’t it? On second thought, not really. After all, “A data scientist is only as good as the data he/she has access to.”

This webinar is a great opportunity for you to hear from eminent industry experts who have seen both the data science and data engineering industries up close. Hear and learn from Kunal Jain (Founder & CEO, Analytics Vidhya), Ujjyaini Mitra (Head of Data for Zee5), K. Sankaran (Director, Data Science, LatentView Analytics) and Sachin Arora (Partner and Head of Lighthouse KMPG in India), as they draw upon their experience to help you navigate through these questions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction
  • The spectrum of Data Professions
  • Data Science Vs Data Engineering
  • Roles
  • Responsibilities
  • Applications and Impact
  • Skills
  • What is right for you now “Data Science OR Data Engineering”?

A majority of data aspirants don’t know the number of career fields within the data science domain and those who do are afraid to choose one without proper guidance. That’s why Analytics Vidhya’s AI and ML Blackbelt+ program comes with 1:1 mentorship sessions. These expert mentors customize the learning path according to your career goals so that you are never off-track!

2. Career Transition Into Data Science

Data Science is relatively a new field and a lot of professionals are excited by the opportunity this field provides like high career growth, higher salary band, etc.

However, switching to a career in Data Science has its own challenges for freshers as well as for experienced professionals. Some of the most common challenges faced by Data Science aspirants are:
  • Can non-technical people transition to Data Science?
  • Will an experienced professional be treated as a relative fresher when he/she makes a switch to data science?
  • Which Data Science role should they consider?
  • Will their existing skill-set be useful in Data Science?
  • and more such questions.
To help address all these concerns, Analytics Vidhya & KPMG in India together conducted this webinar on “How to make a successful switch to Data Science”.

Key Takeaways:

  • Who should transition to Data Science?
  • What are the challenges faced while transitioning a career into Data Science?
  • How should freshers prepare for a successful transition into Data Science?
  • How should working professionals prepare for a successful switch into Data Science?


3. Problem-Solving In Business Analytics and Data Science

Structured Thinking (problem-solving) is one of the most important skills for data science and business analytics professionals. It helps them start from formulating business problems to communicating model results to stakeholders or business managers.

  • In this webinar, Madhukar will talk about the following challenges and provide people with frameworks and best practices on structured thinking:
  • How to take ambiguous business problems and then break them into structured data science problems?
  • How to present your analysis and business insights in an impactful manner?
  • How to do clear and structured communications which people can easily understand?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Introduction
  2. Data science framework to solve a business problem
  3. Two Shine case studies:
    1. ARS (Application Relevance score)
    2. JAM (Job alert mailers)

4. Going Beyond your First Machine Learning Project

So you’ve picked machine learning as your future career. You successfully completed your first machine learning project as well. Great! But what’s next? How do you go beyond the basics and take that next step, the big leap, that will make you industry-ready?

How can you build your profile in machine learning that will take you beyond the basics and into the realm of what the industry wants?

Akshay draws on his own experience, rich machine learning background, and his knowledge to help you navigate the often-tricky machine learning waters!

Key Takeaways for this webinar:

  1. A clearer understanding of building Machine Learning models.
  2. Importance of subtle nuances eg: data collection, cleansing, and exploration
  3. Getting one step closer to building production-level models and pipelines.
  4. Understanding of some basic image processing concepts for working on computer vision and machine learning problem

Data Science is a career path that requires problem-solving which can’t be fulfilled by just learning bookish Data Science concepts. You must master the concepts along with the projects to become an industry-ready professional. That’s why Analytics Vidhya’s AI and ML Blackbelt+ program offers 14+ courses along with 25+ real-life projects!


5. Data Science Careers – Which Role to Go for? – Mathangi Sri

Data Science might be the “Sexiest Job of the 21st century” but let’s not forget that there are a number of Data science-based roles to explore like a Business analyst, data engineer, and so on.

But which role is suitable for your skillset? While most folks gravitate towards a data scientist’s role – keep in mind that there are a whole host of roles in data science that are going vacant. Don’t go with the flow – you must understand the different roles available and map your skillset according to them.

In this webinar, Mathangi Sri helps you do just that! Mathangi brings 16+ years of experience in the data science space and she has seen a plethora of roles in her career. She talks about what these different data science roles are and what each role requires (among other things).

End Notes

In this article, we discussed the 5 top career-related data science webinars. If you are a data science aspirant these recordings will definitely help you ace in your career. Many industry experts help you navigate through the field of data science.

A mentor is very crucial to help you build and navigate through your career. The AI and ML Blackbelt+ course along with 14+ courses and 25+ projects offer 1:1 mentorship sessions so that you never get behind your goals. These expert mentors help you customize your learning path according to your career goals.

We recommend you go through these career-related articles to better navigate your journey in Data Science-

Let me know your thoughts on these expert sessions. You can check out the upcoming webinars here.

Ram Dewani 23 Nov 2020

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