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Machine Learning and Data Science are one of the advanced and surging technologies to learn. We all are familiar with the names, maybe not with the technologies of machine learning and data science. Before going into this blog, let me tell you why you should choose Machine Learning and Data Science as a career. There is a copious number of factors that makes you choose, that is:

  • Demand

  • Career growth, job prospects, and salaries

  • Experience factor

  • Ease of job hunting due to lack of competition

  • Work options

  • Various training programs and skill upgrade options available

Taking into consideration all the factors, we will make a decision. Choosing a career path is like choosing a life partner, which we work, excel, and explore it till the last breath.

Let’s get into the topic, the ideal objective of machine learning is the science of getting computers to learn and act like humans do, and improve their learning over time in autonomous fashion, by feeding them data and information in the form of observation and real-world actions. Machine Learning is one of the integral parts of Artificial Intelligence.

Coming to Data Science, as the world is connected with the internet, every day a huge volume of data is generated. All the data are processed through Data Science. Data Science is a blend of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles to discover hidden patterns of raw data. Artificial Intelligence is applied based on Machine Learning and Machine Learning is a part of Data Science. Data Science merges a bunch of algorithms obtained from machine learning to develop a solution.

Machine Learning Process




The Technical knowledge that is required to become a Machine Learning and Data Science specialist are:

  1. Curiosity to learn and explore

  1. Statistics and Probability

  1. Programming knowledge- Python, R, SQL, Hadoop

  1. Data manipulation and Analysis

  1. Data visualization

  1. Structured thinking

  1. Model deployment

The global Machine Learning market is expected to reach $8.8 Billion by 2022 with a growth rate of 43.6% from 2017 to 2022. The usage of Machine learning will be ubiquitous and it is swanky when it is compared with all other technologies.

Some of the roles in Machine Learning and Data Science are:

  1. Data Scientist

  1. Machine Learning Engineer

  1. Statistician

  1. Data Architect

  1. Business Intelligence Developer

  1. Enterprise Architect

  1. Big Data Engineer/ Data Engineer


Machine Learning Career Roles


Many Industrial Sectors rely on Machine Learning. Some of the major sectors are:

  • Transportation

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are widely used to predict, monitor, manage traffic and mainly employed in self-driving cars to drive accurately by the algorithms, they allow a car to collect data on its surroundings from cameras and other sensors, interpret it, and decide what actions to take. Machine learning even allows cars to learn how to perform these tasks as well as humans.

  •  Health Care

Use of Artificial Intelligence Technology to the next level with advanced processing and understand life science. A patient can be diagnosed in possible ways that are suggested by AI. AI-driven diagnostics collect patient data and suggest possible ways to curate the disease with no effects.

  • Agriculture

These technologies are used to revolutionize farming all over the world to yield better results by helping farmers to optimize sowing timings, seed treatment, NPK regulation according to soil capability.

  • Finance

As the services of Internet Banking and Online trades are processing over the Internet, there will be such incidents of cyber-attacks. To not give any chances to malicious activities, cybersecurity, and Artificial Intelligence are used to provide security and for prediction and analyzing the data from collecting to managing, Transactions to Investments. AI suggests the best methods to take strategic actions.

  • Retail and Customer Service

With these technologies, the world of services is using Chat-Bots and Digital Assistance to assist and for queries related to complaints and suggestions. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning provide the scope to predict the need for the product and analyze the conditions and requirements of the customer based on data to get a spike in Business.

To excel in any career path, one should have agog Interest, grit, and gumption.

This is the overview of CAREERS IN MACHINE LEARNING AND DATA SCIENCE. In the present scenario, Machine Learning and Data Science are always growing technologies that never fade out. There are many web resources and videos to learn that are open and free for all.

Hope you are now baffle-free after reading this blog.

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Dossier 30 Mar 2021

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