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Dhruv Aggarwal 08 Jun, 2022
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What is it about football that distinguishes it from all other sports played worldwide? The game’s obsession has caused its appeal to the public. When major tournaments like FIFA World Cup qualifications, Premier League and Copa Libertadores are held, fans never miss a match.

As a result, your chances of betting on these sports are increasing. To capitalize on the popularity of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT), football clubs are forming long-term partnerships that will allow users to play free cross-league sports like fantasy football and swap player NFTs with other platform users.

Only lately has football embraced the use of data analytics. For decades, it has been an essential source of information in American sports. Most elite Indian clubs have started to track performance using data analytics. Using data analytics to estimate a player’s talents focuses on data. Football managers have selected a group of unheralded players who have paired up to go on a 20-game winning streak and win the American League West in Major League Baseball (MLB). Manchester City, the English Premier League winners, employs approximately 100 scouts internationally to track players and map data; it is a modern phenomenon that has now been widely copied by other teams and countries, depending on their financial resources. Apart from Man City, Liverpool, and Barcelona, which have appointed data scientists for conducting long-term research projects, Arsenal has a data decoding team of roughly 15 employees.


What is the Football Hackathon?

Spanish football giants – Sevilla FC and FC Bengaluru United of India have joined with Analytics Vidhya to organize the Biggest Football Hackathon of 2022, which is based on the Data-Driven Player Performance Assessment. This Hackathon will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to apply data science to professional football scouting and player performance analysis. We’re thrilled to have you along for the ride.

The statistics contain detailed information in the datasets on the individual players & team performance in various areas, ranging from physical and kinematic factors to complicated game-related technical and tactical indicators. While players in multiple roles and positions have access to such comprehensive and accurate facts, fundamental activities that distinguish their success must still be recognized.


  1. Winner (Global): Cash prize (1500 €) + Sevilla FC Merchandising pack + Sevilla FC T-Shirt signed by players

  2. Winner (India) (if different from global): Sevilla FC Merchandising pack + Sevilla FC T-Shirt signed by players

  3. Winner (Andalusian) (if different from global): Sevilla FC Merchandising pack + Sevilla FC T-Shirt signed by players

How to Participate?

  1. Participants may participate in the hackathon as an individual or as a team.

  2. Each team member must be registered as a participant in the hackathon

  3. The maximum no. of participants allowed in a team is 3

  4. You can create a team by using the tab Team in the menu. Following are the steps to form the team:

    1. Enter your team name

    2. Invite the other participants to join the team

    3. If the invited participants accept your invitation, your team has been generated


The rules for the football hackathon are as follows:

  1. Entries submitted after the contest is closed will not be considered

  2. Use of external data is not allowed

  3. The decision on the winners and runners-up made by FC Bengaluru United and Sevilla FC will be final and binding.

  4. Accuracy, generalization of solution implementation, and presentation of results and insights will be critical factors in determining winners.

  5. Throughout the hackathon, you are expected to respect fellow hackers and act with high integrity.


Get ready for the Football Hackathon, bringing the world’s most popular sport and the most significant technology of the 21st century with the defining experience. Set your passion for Football with Analytical skills and apply it in the Hackathon to win prizes like a Cash prize (€1500), an Exclusive Sevilla FC Merchandising pack, and get a chance to win an exclusive Sevilla FC T-Shirt signed by players.


Dhruv Aggarwal 08 Jun, 2022

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