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Deeksha Rana 10 Oct, 2022
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Over the past two decades, machine learning, Artificial intelligence and Data Science have completely revolutionised traditional technologies. Hence the demand for professionals in this field is rising exponentially, and Analytics Vidhya is bridging this gap by training and providing necessary aid to aspiring tech enthusiasts. Keeping this goal in mind,  Analytics Vidhya has initiated ” DataHour sessions”.  These sessions will help you clear your basics and provide you with information about the latest topics so that you can stay updated on each topic of your domain.

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Prerequisites for registering:

Zeal and interest in learning Data Science.

Who can Attend these DataHour Sessions?

  • Students or professionals who are willing to start a career in Data Science.
  • Data Science professionals who are looking for ways to improve their current skillset and knowledge.

DataHour Session: An Unsupervised ML approach using Clustering

Clustering is one of the most used unsupervised machine learning approaches to group data of similar kinds, making the pattern recognition and analysis of data quick and accurate. In this DataHour, you will learn how to use the clustering approach of unsupervised machine learning practices and how it helps in building data science foundations.


The speaker of this DataHour, Pritesh, is a Techpreneur with an experience of 7+ years in Data Science. He is the Founder and Chief Data Scientist of Data Science Wizards. He is also an Associate Faculty in the National College of Ireland. He is a Data Analysis graduate from the National College of Ireland in Dublin. He has immensely contributed to the Tech community as a mentor, trainer, author and reviewer.

DataHour: Customizing Large Language Models GPT3 for Real-life Use Cases

Have you ever wondered how text generation, question answering, and summarisation automate? This is done through Large language models(LLM), and  GPT 3 is a type of LLM used for large general data cases. In this Datahour, you will learn the fundamentals of  LLM, the algorithm behind it, its practical applications and much more.


Through this Datahour, learn from Anustup Mukherjee, an AI Engineer at Newton School who is building the next Ed Tech revolution with the power of AI. He has 10 + years of experience working with companies in India and Silicon Valley to develop AI solutions. He has been an intern in reputed organisations like Samsung, Google Tensorflow, WRI, IIT Patna & IIT Bombay. He has also received the Presidential Award for AI contributions towards National Building.

DataHour: Model Parameters vs Hyperparameters – Techniques in ML Engineering

Do you know that ML model efficiency can be enhanced significantly by using the method of parameter tuning? To improve the performance of the machine learning model, selecting suitable hyperparameters is essential. This DataHour will make you understand what hyperparameters are, how they differ from parameters, how to perform parameter tuning, the various techniques used, and how they are applied in reality.

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Learn with Shanthababu, who has 20+ years of experience in Information Technology (IT). He is an expert in ML & Data Architect and Program Delivery. He has completed his Post graduation in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning from Great Learning & University of Texas and is currently working as AIA Architect and Delivery with Cognizant.

DataHour Session: MLOps – The Practical Implications Going Forward

MLOps was started about 7-8 years ago, and it gradually took place in the real world. It is now used extensively because of high-speed Internet connections – 5g,  availability of higher levels of Cloud Adoption, zero service latencyetc and hence MLOps can now give the boost and impact to AI adoption drastically! In this DataHour, you will learn the important features of MLOps and the usage of FlAi MLOps Suite.

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Learn the practical application of MLOps from Ruju. He is the Founder & CEO of FlAi MLOps. He has completed his BTech from VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology). He has gained major experience in creating and deploying AI-ML pipelines by working as an MLOps Engineer, after which he worked on his idea of FlAi, an end-to-end low-code SaaS platform that can be used to design, create, build and deploy Ai-ML pipelines at scale.

DataHour Session: Multi-Objective Optimisation

In real life, machine learning is used in solving complex cases, which involves building systems that optimise one or more objectives; hence in the process of finding a solution of moderate complexity, we have to face situations where we need to find optimal tradeoffs between different objectives such as accuracy vs cost, relevance vs revenue, ads vs content etc. In this DataHour, you will learn the formal setup used to mathematically interpret the problem of multiple objectives and how to solve them through python-based optimisers.

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The speaker of this DataHour, Rahul, is currently working as Senior Director of AI in Sharechat. He is a Computer science graduate from IISc(Indian Institute of Science) and holds 20+ years of experience in the field of Engineering, Research, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. He has worked with various top tech companies like Microsoft. He has also been a Panel speaker for Adobe and a Guest Lecturer in various institutes like IIT etc.


Excited already just by knowing the diversity of the topics? Tune in with the DataHour sessions and discover the recent and trendy tech topics every day, and for that, you need to register now. For any doubts regarding the session or the topics, please reach us at [email protected], or clarify them directly with the speaker during the session. If you skip any part of the session, ‘The DataHour,’ you may watch the recordings on our YouTube channel or read the synopsis here.


If you’re having trouble enrolling or would like to conduct a session with us. Contact us at [email protected].

Deeksha Rana 10 Oct, 2022

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