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Shweta Rawat 12 Dec, 2022
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Do you know that, for the past 5 years, ‘Data Scientist’ has consistently ranked among the top 3 job professions in the US market? Having Technical skills and knowledge is one of the best ways to get a hike in your career path. Keeping this in mind, many working professionals and students have started upskilling themselves. To upskill yourself, and expand your Data Tech knowledge, mark your calendars and benefit from the FREE DataHour sessions.

Here, at Analytics Vidhya, we aim to build a future Data-Tech Community. For this, we organize “DataHour” sessions every day so that you can keep up with the latest trends in the field of Data Science, Data Engineering, Blockchain, Machine Learning, AI, Web 3.0, Crypto and so on.

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Requirements for Registration

Zeal to Learn and Grow.

Who can Attend these DataHour Sessions?

  • Students who want to pursue a career in the Data-Tech Industry.
  • Working Professionals looking to change their career in the Data-Tech Industry.
  • Professionals in the data science industry who wish to improve their current skills and gain knowledge regarding ongoing trends.

So, Register Now and brush up on your technical skills. Below is the complete list of upcoming events.

DataHour: Text Pre-processing using NLTK and Python

About DataHour: Our Speaker, Dr. Nitin Shelke, Assistant Professor at the School of Computer Science Engineering and Technology, Bennett University (Times of India Group), will discuss several popular pre-processing approaches using NLTK and Python: lowercase, removing punctuation, tokenization, stopword filtering, stemming, lemmatization, Removal of URLs, Removal of HTML Tags, and Spelling Correction.

  • Topics which will be covered in this DataHour includes:
  • NLP and Its Applications
  • Operations on Text Data with Python and NLTK
  • Text Pre-processing Steps
  • Case Study based on Text Pre-processing

DataHour Sessions

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DataHour: Diving into Blockchain Development

About DataHour: Our Speaker, Smit Sakariya, Google-DSC Blockchain Lead, will cover the following topics in detail:

  • Journey of web1.0, web2.0 and web3.0
  • Blockchain architecture diagram
  • Types of blockchain developers and what steps can be taken to master it.
  • Different types of Blockchain with examples.
  • Concept of sidechain and multichain
  • Different types of consensus algorithm along with its working
  • Introduction of ERC standards, NFT, crypto tokens, and Defi
  • Basics of solidity language
  • Practical demo of the smart contract deployment using online IDE
  • Deployment demo through various blockchains
  • Introduction to various tools, libraries, and frameworks that are used in DApp development.

DataHour Sessions

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DataHour: Data to Insightful Actions with No Code AI

About DataHour: Our Speaker, Devavrat Shah, Andrew (1956) and Erna Viterbi Professor at MIT, will discuss how all of these above mentioned stages can be achieved by a business user without requiring a team of data engineers, scientists, or analysts, with no code AI platforms, such as that built by Ikigai Labs, with spreadsheet skills. He will also illustrate the steps involved through a real life example of inventory planning in retail and supply chain.

DataHour Sessions

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DataHour: Churn Analytics in Telcos

About DataHour: Our Speaker, Sakshi Gujral, Data Scientist at Concentrix, will discuss that how Customer retention is important for businesses to analyze its growth and effective working strategies. She will discuss factors that constitute the degradation of business due to churn especially in Telcos.

DataHour Sessions

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DataHour: Sentiment Analysis from Scratch!

About DataHour: Our Speaker, Prashant Sahu, Manager – Data Science Trainings at Analytics Vidhya, will guide on Natural Language Processing (NLP) that is a hotbed of research in data science these days and one of the most common applications of NLP is sentiment analysis. From opinion polls to creating entire marketing strategies, this domain has completely reshaped the way businesses work, which is why this is an area every data scientist must be familiar with.

DataHour Session

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Practice makes a man Perfect. To keep up with the latest trends in the technical field, you need to upskill yourself on regular basis. DataHour sessions are the best source to Enhance your skill set. You can attend these sessions from anywhere in your Comfort. You can also ask your query Directly to the Speaker through Q&A Session. So Register Now for the above Upcoming sessions. If you have missed previous DataHour sessions, then read its synopsis here.

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Shweta Rawat 12 Dec, 2022

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