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Deeksha Rana 19 Dec, 2022
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The world is transforming by AI, ML, Blockchain, and Data Science drastically, and hence its community is growing rapidly. So, to provide our community with the knowledge they need to master these domains, Analytics Vidhya has launched its DataHour sessions. These sessions provide not only theoretical knowledge but also cover practical demonstrations of the topics, thus making the learning efficient and usable.

Why wait? Scroll to learn about the upcoming DataHour below, and register yourself now!

Prerequisites for Registering for DataHour Sessions:

Interest in learning Data Science and its real-world applications.

Who Can Attend DataHour Sessions?

  • Students and Freshers who are willing to start a career in  Data Science, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and many such recent technologies.
  • Data science and IT professionals looking for a platform to upgrade their knowledge and grow in their field.

DataHour Session: Overview of Blockchain and Data

Blockchain is a data structure that creates a public or private distributed digital transaction ledger. In this DataHour, you will learn all about blockchain – from its origin, usage, leading blockchain companies, impact, future application, and much more.

Analytics Vidhya Data Hour


The speaker of this DataHour, Vedanth Padigelwar is the Founder and CEO of Knoct and has built a Universal Decentralized Identity to enable a peer-to-peer trust network using blockchain. He has worked with early-stage startups for over 2 years as a core member, building applications from scratch using web development, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Technologies.

DataHour Sessions: Introduction To BigQuery ML

BigQuery ML is used to create and implement ML models in BigQuery using standard SQL queries enabling SQL practitioners to build models using existing SQL tools and skills. In this Datahour, you will learn how BigQuery is used in machine learning, how it differs from the classical ML model, its new features and advantages, and real-world applications.

AV Data Hour


Through this DataHour, Interact with  Shanthababu. He is an ML, Data Architect, and Program Delivery expert with 20+ years of experience in Information Technology (IT). He has completed his PG Program in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning from Great Learning & University of Texas. He is currently working as AI & Data Analytics Lead at Cognizant.

DataHour Sessions: Everything You Need to Know About Numpy

Libraries are created for code reusability. One of the most important and popular Python libraries is Numpy. NumPy can be used to perform a wide variety of mathematical operations on arrays. This DataHour will cover all the important operations of numPy and its hands-on demonstration.

Analytics Vidhya Data Hour


Learn with Partha, a Senior Data Engineer by profession with an experience of 9+ years in complete software development & analytics life cycle with expertise in BigData, ML, data integration, and business analytics. He is a passionate developer and is currently working as an individual contributor. He is proficient in using technologies including Cloud Technology, Python, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, AWS, and Cassandra.

DataHour Sessions: ERC Tokens in Hyperledger Fabric

Do you know the types of ERC tokens available and used in Hyperledger Fabric? ERC-20 is the standard for fungible tokens. ERC-721 is the standard for non-fungible tokens. ERC-1155 is the standard for multiple tokens (both fungible and non-fungible. This DataHour session will teach you about the ERC tokens and their application in Hyperledger Fabric.

Analytics Vidhya DataHour


Learn the newly emerging topic of ERC Tokens with Priti Kumari. She is currently working at Fraction Vault as Blockchain Consultant. Post completing her Ph.D. degree from IIIT, Bangalore. She worked primarily on the research and development of private and public blockchain networks. In the past, she has worked as a Blockchain Architect at Paramount Software Solutions, Inc, and as a Research Intern at Siemens. In 2021, She was a Hyperledger Global Forum Speaker.

DataHour Sessions: How to Build Interactive Dashboards using Power BI and Excel

Visualizing data makes data attractive and presentable and eases the interpretation and analysis of the data. In the DataHour session, you will learn how to use Excel and Power BI to create dashboards for Data Visualization.


Learn the art of creating interactive dashboards with Munmun Das. She is a research scholar holding more than 16 years of experience in Software Project Management, Product development, Product strategy, and delivery of large-scale, complex automation/transformation solutions, web, and mobile applications. She has mentored many industry tech-force as an Industry Speaker, Corporate Mentor, and Guest Lecturer. She is a skilled programmer who has implemented handshaking projects on RPA with Dot Net web applications and successfully built on-demand RPA.


Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn directly from industry experts and accelerate your career in newly rising domains:  register now. For any queries regarding the session or the topics, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected], or ask directly to the speaker during the session. If you skip any part of the session, ‘The DataHour,’ you may watch the recordings on our YouTube channel or read the synopsis here.


Suppose you’re having trouble enrolling or would like to conduct a session with us. Contact us at [email protected].

Deeksha Rana 19 Dec, 2022

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