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The advent of the internet and the potential for mass quantitative and qualitative data collection altered the desire for and potential for measuring processes other than those in human resources. Moreover, the development of advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and their wide accessibility has encouraged more firms to employ them. Owing to the developing AI-enabled technologies, the extent of manual labor needed by the HR department has significantly decreased while their efficiency is skyrocketing.

In the words of Jeanne Meister, a renowned writer and co-author of The Future Workplace Experience, “AI will augment HR and give HR time to work on more strategic business issues. The opportunity is to use AI to streamline HR manual processes and provide a more consumer-grade service to employees.”

In late 2020-early 2021, HR technology experienced a surge as companies realized the importance of effective HR operations and overall employee well-being for success. Consequently, employee mental health, engagement, and retention are crucial performance indicators. In 2023, as the world adapts to post-COVID remote working culture, some trends that emerged during the Covid epidemic will continue. For instance, hybrid working is here to stay, and HR Tech start-ups that can assist businesses in better managing their workflows using ML and AI will continue to succeed.

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Benefits of AI and ML Tools for HR

Over the last few years, AI and ML tools have been used in the human resource industry to facilitate decision-making, daily operations, smoother onboarding, and a more efficient hiring process. Below is a list of ways in which AI and ML tools for HR have revolutionized how HR professionals work.

  • Better Job-Candidate Matching: By analyzing resumes, job descriptions, and candidate data, AI and ML can assist HR departments in more effectively matching potential candidates to open positions.
  • Automation of Daily Tasks: Automating repetitive operations like resume screening, candidate sourcing, and interview scheduling is something that HR departments can do with the help of AI and ML. This free time allows HR specialists to concentrate on more strategic tasks.
  • Predictive Analysis: HR data analysis using AI and ML can spot trends and patterns like turnover rates, employee engagement, and performance. Making data-driven decisions that enhance HR procedures and results can be done with this information.
  • Better Employee Engagement: Employee sentiment and engagement data can be analyzed using AI tools for human resource management to pinpoint areas where staff members are unhappy or disengaged.

AI and People Analytics

AI and people analytics are two closely related fields that organizations can benefit from. But before understanding how AI can aid people’s analytics, it is crucial to understand the latter.

People analytics is the conjugation and utilization of talent data to enhance essential business and talent outcomes. The history of this domain may date back to the 1910s when a book called “The Principles of Scientific Management” sought to normalize increasing productivity and optimizing tasks by measuring how employees worked. Fast forward to the next century, companies are still doing so, just a tad bit differently.

As you must know, HR professionals deal with employees’ performance and go through numerous candidate profiles. It becomes challenging to pick out the best candidates manually. This leads us to an obvious understanding that this manual process can be fast-tracked and made more efficient using automation technologies!

AI and ML tools for HR can be used to automate this task by analyzing massive amounts of candidate data and shortlisting the most relevant candidates for a particular job. For example, AI can analyze employee data to identify patterns and trends related to employee turnover, performance, and engagement. This information can be used to create predictive models to help HR departments make more informed decisions about hiring, training, and development.

People analytics leaders allow HR executives to create data-driven insights to guide hiring decisions, enhance workforce operations, and foster a pleasant work environment.

15 AI and ML Tools for HR Professionals in 2023

Tool Key Features Price
Pymetrics – Gamefied evaluation assignments
– Job recommendations
– Candidate-job matching.
Publicly undisclosed pricing policy
AmazingHiring – Collaborative recruitment
– Outreaching features like email and messaging templates
Approximately $4800 annually, based on recent price indications
ICMS Talent Cloud – Applicant Tracking System
– Recruitment marketing
– Integrations with other HR platforms
Approximately $1,700/month
Oracle Recruiting – Employee onboarding
– Reporting and analytics
– Cloud implementation
Publicly undisclosed pricing policy
Skillate – Candidate screening
– Integrations with other ATS
– Insights and analytics
Publicly undisclosed and non-restrictive pricing policy
Textio – Real-time language analysis
– Real-time feedback
– Job posting optimization
Free of charge to begin with, the charge catches on with usage
Eightfold – Candidate experience management
– Career mobility assistance
– Analytics and insights
Publicly undisclosed pricing policy
HireVue – Pre-employment assessments
– Interviewer training
– Video interviews
$35000 via a flat-rate model
Entelo – Candidate sourcing and engagement
– Diversity and inclusion
– Candidate relationship management (CRM)
Starts with $150 per month; no other pricing details disclosed
Talenture – Collaborative hiring
– Talent management
Different plans, the basic one starts at %19/per month per employee
iMocha – Candidate experience management
– AI-powered Analytics
– Coding interviews
Could range anywhere between $5000-$25000, depending on the project
Harver – Pre-employment assessments
– Scheduling video interviews
– Candidate experience management
Publicly undisclosed pricing policy
OneModel – Data visualization
– Employee data security
– Customization
Publicly undisclosed pricing policy
Whatfix – Contextual help
– Performance support
– Interactive guides
Project and usage-specific pricing policy
intelliHR – Performance management
– Compliance management
– Employee management
Four kinds of plans with varying per employee/per month pricing

Below is a detailed list of potent AI and ML tools for HR professionals:

1. Pymetrics

Pymetrics Logo AI and ML Tools for HR

Source: Pymetrics.ai

Pymetrics is an AI and ML tool for HR that harnesses the power of neuroscience-based games to assess and evaluate candidates and match them with relevant job opportunities. In their words, “our mission is to make hiring as equal as we can, which includes providing accessibility accommodations for those who may need it.” Since its inception, numerous companies have utilized its algorithms to streamline talent acquisition, training, and development.

With Pymetrics, companies get the following:

  • Gamefied Assessments: These games’ exciting and engaging nature helps candidates enjoy the evaluation process more.
  • Job Matching: Pymetrics matches job openings in the company’s database with candidates based on their profiles.
  • Job Recommendations: Pymetrics offers analysis and suggestions to assist businesses in enhancing their hiring and training procedures.

The company has not openly disclosed its pricing scheme publicly. You can visit their website and add an inquiry to get more information.

2. AmazingHiring

AmazingHiring Recruitment - AI and ML Tools for HR

Source: Finwizard

AmazingHiring is another prominent AI and ML tool for HR. It utilizes AI-powered search and sourcing to assist HR teams/recruiters locate and connect with the best candidates. Since its establishment in 2015, the tool has gained popularity among several businesses for use in their hiring procedures. Unique AI-powered candidate-matching algorithms are the USP of this HR technology.

AmazingHiring offers other things:

  • Matching Jobs with Job Seekers: AmazingHiring’s AI-powered matching algorithm examines the recruiter’s job description and candidate profile to find the most significant matches for the employment opportunity.
  • Collaborative Recruiting Platform: For recruiters and hiring managers to collaborate on the hiring process, AmazingHiring offers a platform.
  • Outreaching Features: Offers a variety of outreach options for recruiters, including email and messaging templates, candidate monitoring, and analytics to monitor the success of their outreach.

The HR tool charges around $4800 annually based on their recent pricing indications.

3. ICIMS Talent Cloud

ICIMS Talent Acquisition - AI and ML Tools for HR

Source: ICIMS

An HR solution called ICIMS Talent Cloud was developed to leverage AI systems to assist businesses in managing all aspects of hiring and managing people on a single platform. It offers features and tools to assist hiring managers in streamlining their hiring procedures and enhancing the overall candidate experience. ICIMS Talent Cloud has several essential characteristics, including:

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): The ATS provides a single platform for managing job ads, applications, and candidate communications in the ICIMS Talent Cloud. It also has tools to organize job offers, track candidate status, and schedule interviews.
  • Recruitment Marketing: ICIMS Talent Cloud offers resources for developing and monitoring job board and social media listings, email marketing campaigns, and referral schemes.
  • Integrations: ICIMS Talent Cloud integrates with various other HR and recruitment tools, including payroll systems, HRIS platforms, and background check providers.

As a holistic cloud solution, it costs around $1,700/month.

4. Oracle Recruiting

Oracle Recruiting Cloud Logo - AI and ML Tools for HR

Source: SSB Technologies

The cloud-based HR platform Oracle Recruitment offers several tools and services to assist businesses in managing their hiring process. It is a component of Oracle’s HCM Cloud toolkit, which offers a variety of HR solutions to assist businesses in managing the whole employee lifecycle.

The HR platform offers:

  • Employee Onboarding: It facilitates the entire onboarding process for companies, making the workflows more streamlined in handling new hires, electronic forms, etc.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Oracle Recruiting provides data and insights into recruitment performance, including metrics like time to fill, source of hire, and cost per hire.
  • Implementation: The platform offers different cloud structures: public, private, on-premise, and hybrid.

Oracle no longer publishes its pricing details. You can contact the vendor for more information.

5. Skillate

Skillate Logo - AI and ML Tools for HR

Source: Mettl

An AI-powered HR technology platform called Skillate offers many tools and services to assist businesses in streamlining their hiring procedures. Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms are used in Skillate’s AI technology to evaluate resumes and job descriptions and then match the best candidates with open positions.

Some key features of Skillate are:

  • Candidate Screening and Matching: Skillate’s AI technology automatically screens candidates’ resumes and narrows the talent pool to only job-relevant candidates.
  • Insights and Analytics: Like other HR tools, Skillate provides data and insights catering to performance, hiring costs, and predictions about employee retention and attrition.
  • Integrations: Skillate is highly integrable with other HR technologies like ATS and job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.

Skillate has a non-restrictive pricing policy that is not publicly disclosed. You can get in touch with the vendor to have a clearer idea.

6. Textio

Textio Logo - AI and ML for HR

Source: Textio

Textio is a unique cloud-based AI and ML tool for HR that utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to assist businesses in improving their writing use cases. The CMS software system provides creative insights and recommendations for crisp job descriptions, emails, chatbots, etc.

Textio offers:

  • Real-time Language Analysis: Textio’s AI analyzes language and facilitates inclusive writing by identifying cliches, biases, and language patterns.
  • Real-time Feedback: It provides real-time feedback on the effectiveness of writing as it is being created, allowing writers to make adjustments and improvements in real-time.
  • Job Postings Optimization: It can check job advertisements for sexism, inclusion, and other issues affecting their effectiveness.

The pricing starts from $0, free of charge to begin with. The cost, however, goes up depending on your usage. Visit the website to request more pricing information.

7. Eightfold

Eightfold.ai Logo - AI and ML for HR

Source: Eightfold.ai

Eightfold is another tool that utilizes artificial intelligence for HR professionals to streamline talent acquisition in the recruitment process. It is designed to help businesses hire and retain top-tier talent. With Eightfold, companies get:

  • Candidate Experience Management: The HR platform from Eightfold offers candidates a tailored experience that makes looking for and applying for jobs simple.
  • Career Mobility: Eightfold’s platform helps employees explore career paths within the company and find new opportunities for growth.
  • Analytics and Insights: The platform’s AI algorithms provide real-time analytics and insights into the hiring process, allowing companies to track their progress and make data-driven decisions.

Head to the website and contact the vendor to get project-based pricing details.

8. HireVue

HireVue Logo - AI and ML Tools for HR

Source: G2

A talent experience platform called HireVue is intended to streamline hiring processes and automate activities. With text recruiting, tests, and video interviewing tools, businesses can enhance how they interact with, evaluate, and hire talent. It offers:

  • Pre-Employment Assessments: The platform provides pre-employment tests that gauge applicants’ behavioral tendencies and job-specific competencies, assisting recruiters in spotting top performers.
  • Interviewer Training: The platform offers interviewer training resources to assist recruiters in conducting more efficient and objective interviews, including best practices and coaching tools.
  • Video Interviews: With HireVue, recruiters may conduct one-way or live video interviews to evaluate applicants’ body language, communication abilities, and general suitability for the position.

HireVue is one of the most expensive platforms, starting at $35000 per year via a flat rate model.

9. Entelo

Entelo Logo - AI and ML Tools for HR

Source: Entelo

Entelo is an automation platform that provides recruitment software based on predictive analytics and natural language processing (NLP) that enables recruiters to skim through data sets of resumes and categorize them based on gender, race, and veteran status.

The AI and ML tool for HR automation facilitates the following:

  • Candidate Sourcing and Engagement: Using social media, professional networks, public databases, and other sources, Entelo employs AI to go through skill sets and source prospects.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: The tool offers features to reduce bias in the hiring process, such as blind reviews and diverse candidate sourcing.
  • Candidate Relationship Management (CRM): The application provides a central platform to handle candidate data, communication, and scheduling, improving the procedure’s efficiency and structure.

The platform does not disclose the exact price structure; however, companies start with the automation platform for about $150/month. Contact the vendor for more details.

10. Talenture

Talenture RS - AI and ML Tools for HR

Source: Talenture

Talenture is a high-end applicant tracking system and recruiting tool for HR professionals that provides recruiting teams with candidate sourcing, job processing, communication, analytics, job promotion, and career site capabilities. The AI and ML tool for HR streamlines the process by using:

  • Talent Management: To organize and track candidate interaction, interviews, feedback, and hiring choices.
  • Collaborative Hiring: Talenture’s AI software allows recruiters to collaborate with hiring managers, other recruiters, and team members, facilitating feedback and improving decision-making.

Talenture’s standard pricing plan starts at $19/per month, while the professional one starts at $29/per month. They also offer an enterprise plan for $39/per month.

11. iMocha

iMocha Logo - AI and ML tools for HR

Source: iMocha

HR teams can examine candidates using the AI-powered skills assessment and recruitment platform iMocha, a collection of assessment libraries. This collection allows recruiting teams to quickly and efficiently evaluate quality candidates without technical expertise. It offers over 2500 skill tests, making it the world’s most extensive skill assessment collection.

Other benefits that come with iMocha:

  • Candidate Experience: Candidates can complete tests and interviews at any time, from any location, with iMocha’s personalized and mobile-friendly candidate experience.
  • AI-powered Analytics: The platform uses AI to analyze candidates’ assessment results, providing recruiters with insights into their performance, strengths, and areas for improvement.
  • Coding Interviews: iMocha’s HR solution allows recruits to conduct proctored live coding interviews and collaborate with the hiring team in real-time.

iMocha offers different subscription options that may cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 annually.

12. Harver

Harver Logo - AI and ML tolls for HR

Source: Harver

Harver is one of those AI and ML tools for HR that focuses on helping companies with volume hiring. As the hiring scale increases, many companies come across common challenges like shortlisting, onboarding, etc., and this is where Harver’s algorithm steps in. It analyzes resumes and measures a candidate’s aptitude, cultural acceptability, and skill sets.

With Harver, companies get assistance with the following:

  • Pre-Employment Assessments: Harver provides a variety of pre-employment tests to help employers find top performers by evaluating candidates’ cognitive talents and job-specific skills.
  • Scheduling Video Interviews: Just like a few other HR technologies, Harver also allows companies to conduct structured video interviews.
  • Candidate Experience: The platform delivers a tailored and mobile-friendly candidate experience, enabling applicants to finish screenings and interviews whenever and wherever they want, without any staffing requirements.

Head to the vendor website and request a demo to get more information about the pricing structure.

13. OneModel

OneModel Logo - AI and ML tools for HR

Source: OneModel

OneModel is a proficient data workbench widely used by HR professionals to enable data compilation and examination. It gives HR teams access to a single source of truth for HR data, allowing them to learn more about their workforce and make informed decisions. Some of the critical features of OneModel include the following:

  • Data Visualization: With OneModel, users can create custom dashboards and reports using a variety of charts, graphs, and other visualizations.
  • Security: To guarantee that data is secure, OneModel gives data security first priority and provides robust security features, including multi-factor authentication, encryption, and role-based access controls.
  • Customization: OneModel is adaptable, enabling customers to customize the platform to meet their unique demands and specifications. Users can make custom data models, fields, and workflows to match their business processes.

OneModel offers three main categories of services:

  • People Analytics Data Mesh
  • People Analytics Essentials
  • People Analytics Enterprise

Visit the website and contact the vendor to have more detailed information.

14. Whatfix

Whatfix Logo - AI and ML Tools for HR

Source: Ambition Box

Whatfix is a digital adoption platform that offers interactive modules and walkthroughs to help new employees become familiar with new programs and tools, easing the process of employee onboarding. Via real-time delivery of context assistance, the Whatfix platform is intended to boost productivity, streamline employee onboarding and training, and decrease support inquiries.

Other features that Whatfix offers are:

  • Contextual Help: Whatfix’s contextual help feature gives consumers the appropriate knowledge at the appropriate time, minimizing the need to look up solutions or seek assistance.
  • Performance Support: Whatfix’s performance support function gives staff members rapid access to information whenever needed, speeding up task completion and boosting output.
  • Interactive Guides: Whatfix offers interactive instructions that take users step-by-step through a task or process inside an application. These manuals are simple to incorporate within an application and may be altered to match a company’s logo.

Whatfix works on a flat per-application fee structure along with user license fees. The product and plan you require will determine the flat application price. The cost of user licenses is determined by the kind of user who will use the application where Whatfix will be installed. Contact the vendor to know more.

15. intelliHR

inteliHR - AI and ML Tools for HR

Source: People Managing People

Suppose your business wants utilizable reports on employee performance and satisfaction indicators. In that case, you can switch to intelliHR, an interface for HR automation software. It provides analytics tools so HR professionals can coordinate their work with the company’s strategic business goals.

intelliHR also offers:

  • Performance Management: IntelliHR offers an AI solution for managing performance that enables managers to create objectives, monitor development, and give feedback to staff members.
  • Employee Engagement: IntelliHR offers tools, like as surveys, feedback channels, and recognition and reward programs, for assessing and enhancing employee engagement.
  • Compliance Management: IntelliHR assists businesses in adhering to local and federal HR regulations, such as those governing data privacy and employment laws.

intelliHR offers numerous plans:

  • Engagement: at $5.5 per employee, billed monthly.
  • Performance: at $9.1 per employee, billed monthly.
  • Strategic: at $15.2 per employee, billed monthly.
  • Enterprise: contact the vendor to get more information.

How Can HR professionals level up their careers using ML and AI?

HR is one field where everything is constantly in flux/motion, resulting in ever-changing business requirements. The onset of technological advancements like machine learning and artificial intelligence has already disrupted the traditional manner in which HR departments work. As businesses have become more resilient with these advancement applications, existing employees are expected to be familiar with how AI works.

ML and AI can be used by HR professionals in the following ways to advance their careers:

Get Better at Predictive Analytics

HR professionals can analyze tonnes of workforce data using ML and AI to predict patterns and generate data-driven predictions regarding employee behavior, retention, and performance. Moreover, AI can address future workforce issues by developing proactive plans.

However, one must have the necessary knowledge and background to analyze and infer from prediction data.

Better Employee Engagement

To understand employee mood and engagement, practitioners can use AI and ML tools for HR to analyze employee feedback, social media, and other data sources. This can assist HR professionals in discovering potential sources of employee dissatisfaction and developing strategies to increase employee engagement and retention.

This will only be possible if HR professionals know how to use these tools. Otherwise, a higher engagement will remain a long shot

Automate HR Functions

HR professionals can use ML and AI to automate time-consuming and repetitive HR tasks like interview scheduling, resume screening, and onboarding. This enables professionals to concentrate on higher-value tasks like creating HR strategies and interacting with employees.

Being familiar with AI and ML tools for HR can significantly reduce the time it takes to accomplish the same task manually. Moreover, automation drastically reduces the scope of human biases and errors, increasing the overall efficiency of recruitment.


AI and ML solutions are revolutionizing HR departments by automating time-consuming procedures, enhancing accuracy, and offering insightful data on workforce trends. These technologies will enable HR professionals to advance their careers and benefit their workforce while increasing efficiency, accuracy, and strategic impact. Having said this, for AI and ML to revolutionize the HR industry, HR managers must have the required background, expertise, and experience in working with these technologies. To know more about how they work and how it helps in the HR industry, you can rely on Analytics Vidhya (AV), a well-known ed-tech platform for AI, ML, and data sciences.

The following resources are available at Analytics Vidhya:

  • Video Tutorials: Many video tutorials on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other related topics are available on the website. The application of machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics, employee sentiment analysis, etc., is covered in detail in these lessons.
  • Blogs: Every blog features several thoroughly researched pieces on artificial intelligence, data sciences, machine learning, and ML in human resource management.
  • Community of Contributors: AV has a strong community of data scientists and machine learning practitioners who can help with instruction and real-world problem-solving.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Based on current business patterns, several new HR technology trends are anticipated to persist in 2023. Some of them are

  • Automation using AI and ML
  • Remote Working
  • HR Data Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Employee Experience and Management
  • Attrition Detection
  • Workforce Mobility

Q2. What is the future of AI in HR?

A. The trends in HR technology will continue to be driven by AI and automation. As chatbots, virtual assistants, and AI-powered recruitment tools proliferate, HR departments can automate a number of their procedures to increase productivity and cut costs.

Q3. What is the future of HRM in 2025?

A. Based on the current trends, HRM will have a bright future in 2020. The development and continued use of technology, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning, to enhance HR procedures and decision-making will continue.

Predictive analytics will be used more extensively to detect problems and possibilities within the workforce. Moreover, the future will witness a growing emphasis on the employee experience, with HR departments taking a more proactive role in fostering a supportive work environment and offering specialized support to specific individuals.

But as the scale increases, challenges may also exhibit similar patterns. Only time will tell.

Q4. What is the use of AI and ML tools for HR Management?

A. AI and ML tools for HR are used for several purposes. These include

  • Talent Acquisition and Recruitment
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Training, and Development
  • Internal Mobility.

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