How to Choose a Machine Learning Consulting Firm in 2023?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are in the best swing to help businesses sharpen their edge over their competitors in the market. The value of the machine learning industry is estimated to be US $209.91 by 2029. There may be a number of reasons why you’d want to bring this rising technology into the system, but it is the ‘how’ that determines the success of this implementation.

That’s where partnering with a machine learning consulting firm can be helpful. A machine learning consultation helps you build a robust ML architecture in alignment with your business needs. Their expertise in the various facets of the field, experience with different types of projects, and a team of brilliant minds can make your plan an ROI-rich reality. However, there’s a lot to think about, consider, and do when choosing the right ML consulting partner. We shall read all about that in this section.

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What is a Machine Learning Consulting Firm, and What Do They Do?

Machine learning consulting is a service that helps businesses enhance their operational capabilities and productivity by implementing elaborate artificial intelligence strategies. This service optimizes AI technologies to improve a business’s overall performance. The various services offered by ML consulting include:

  • Understanding the company’s business processes
  • Analyzing the organizational goals
  • Conduct data analysis and fetch useful insights
  • Determine suitable technologies
  • Tailor and cater strategies that align with the business need

The prime objective of machine learning consulting services is to utilize the ML environment to maximize the company’s value and better prepare for dealing with the dramatic market shifts and fierce competition. ML consulting companies give a hand to companies in designing and developing ML-rich products and solutions using the most fitting machine learning algorithms and tools.

But who is behind the mask? A team of experts and their treasure box of skills in different areas of operations.

Machine learning consulting comes to you with a porter of skills that fulfill different purposes involved in your machine learning strategy. While machine learning engineers design and mobilize ML models, data scientists perform tasks such as data collection and use data analytics that shows the next direction. Machine learning consulting firms also have product managers to monitor every movement throughout the development journey and achieve the desired results.

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Before you begin with the quest, let’s take a look at the foremost services that machine learning firms provide:

1. They Set Up a Process

If and when your business projects the need for machine learning, you can contact the ML consulting firm. It takes a list of approaches and processes to determine the right one and introduce it to your business environment. And that’s a job done wonderfully by machine learning consultants. Their expertise in different realms of business can help you create a roadmap and introduce a process to give new technologies the space it requires.

2. They Collect and Interpret Data

One of the eminent services machine learning consultants provides encompasses the many moods of data. While nothing beats data availability from your end, you can communicate your requirements to the consulting partner so that they can perform the data analysis before final decision-making. Consultants are pro at fetching data, defining, and finally translating it to usable insights – and it allows them to lay out the master plan for machine learning implementation.

3. They Develop Machine Learning Models

The not-so-smooth task of all! Partnering with a machine learning consultant can be a huge help when it comes to the development of ML models. It takes multiple roundups, experiments, roadblocks, and failures to work out that one architecture that perfectly balances your vision. Having worked on these processes, the consultants can find a solution for you rather efficiently.

Top 10 Machine Learning Consulting Firms

From predictive analytics to computer vision and chatbots to real-time tracking, the opportunities in machine learning and artificial intelligence are abundant. While finding a firm to help you exercise the best use of this revolutionary technology, it is essential to look out for the various services they provide, the use cases they have opted for, and the projects they have aced.

Here’s a list of 10 machine learning consulting firms with all-encompassing expertise and services to meet your requirements.

1. Trigma

Trigma is one of the best machine learning service providers with over 10 years of experience. Their trajectory encompasses an array of ML and AI projects in different industries and the leading companies in the world. The firm uses advanced technology and excellent knowledge to cater to a large segment of clients worldwide.

2. Talentica Software

Talentica Software is one of the top machine learning experts to consider for machine learning projects. The firm offers comprehensive machine learning services utilizing the best architecture, tools, and techniques. With a team of experts and specialists in the field, they help businesses create and implement the most winning strategies and boost overall growth.

3. QBurst

QBurst is another ML and AI consulting and software development company with years of experience offering clients a wide range of services. With a portfolio encompassing over 2000 projects, the firm has assisted businesses of all sizes in implementing top-notch technology solutions.

4. Prolitus

Prolitus has been catering to its clients with the masterful use of technology for a long time. They have marked a trail by providing outstanding enterprise solutions and enhancing overall business operations for many companies worldwide. With a team of 200 brilliant minds, the company aims to ensure effective and innovative solutions for every business they join hands with.

5. ValueCoders

ValueCoders have encompassed a wide range of projects in many years of their expertise as a machine learning consulting company. The firm leverages cutting-edge technology and provides an amalgamation of services to help startups and enterprises achieve the desired flexibility.

6. InApp

With a wide range of successful projects, the team of InApp has helped businesses enrich different operations through machine learning. The firm has worked with an excellent team of over 300 engineers over 20 years of presence in the field and is worth considering if top-notch web and mobile app services for an organization or startup are what you are looking for.

7. PixelCrayons

Next on our list of the top machine learning consulting firms is PixelCrayons. The company brings years of experience, best practices, and a slew of services to the table at quite a reasonable price. From education to transportation, they have worked on over 1000 projects and served a robust client base globally.

8. Webtunix

Webtunix is known for providing various services, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and data science, to different industries. The team of individuals leverages their hands-on experience in these fields to deliver the custom solutions a business expects and aims to enable startups and global enterprises to achieve an edge with automation.

9. Wobot

Wobot is one of the top AI and ML companies to innovate futuristic surveillance solutions. The firm helps companies enhance their surveillance systems using machine learning algorithms and eliminate manual endeavors. Their team of creative and logical thinkers has timely delivered advanced solutions to a wide range of clients, including government enterprises.

10. Addepto

Addepto is a machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) consultancy firm. The company serves enterprises in various areas, including finance, healthcare, retail, and e-commerce.

Addepto’s team comprises skilled data scientists, software engineers, and AI consultants who collaborate to create tailored ML solutions that fit the demands of their clients. Its services include data analysis and modeling, the development of machine learning algorithms, and deploying AI solutions.

Top 7 Criteria to Choose the Best ML Consulting Firm

Companies from all corners of the world are dipping their toes in this trailblazer of a pool, with Europe contributing to 44.87% of the global ML market share. If you plan to introduce this shift to your business system with the help of machine learning consultants, then you must have criteria handy.

"Global machine learning market share

Source: Zippia

First things first, figure out what you need.

  • How do you plan to implement machine learning?
  • Do you want to use ML to boost customer engagement and satisfaction?
  • Do you want to achieve efficiency in your business operations?

List out all your needs, requirements, frameworks, and goals. It will ease your search tremendously.

Then, make the following considerations when choosing the best ML firm:

1. Relevant Experience and Expertise

The first and foremost factor to consider is the firm’s expertise and experience. You want to work with a firm that has a team of experienced and skilled machine learning experts. The firm should have a strong track record of delivering successful custom machine-learning software projects. It is important to look at the firm’s portfolio and case studies to determine whether they have experience in your industry and have previously worked on similar projects. Also, remember you are looking forward to working with a firm that can handle large datasets and scale their solutions as your business grows. Therefore, it is best to ask the firm about its ability to handle large volumes of data and its plans to scale its solutions in the future.

2. Communication and Collaboration

Transparent communication and ongoing support are essential competencies for any project. Look for a firm that can clearly explain its process and methodology in a way that is easy to understand. Also, ensure the firm has a collaborative approach and is open to feedback throughout the project. The firm should be able to offer excellent communication and ongoing support. Explore more about their project management team and discuss how they will keep in touch with you about the progress of your project and any issues that may arise. They should also offer ongoing support to ensure the continued success of your machine-learning solution.

3. Data Privacy and Security

This factor is definitely not the one you’d want to miss while interviewing a machine learning company. Would you? Data privacy and security are critical considerations when working with a machine learning firm. Ensure that the firm keeps the safety and privacy of your data in the highest regard. The firm should have a robust data protection policy and should follow all necessary data privacy regulations. Also, make sure to ask the service provider about their approach to data security and their experience in handling sensitive data.

4. Customization

consulting firm | machine learning

Source: 7wdata

Every business works differently, with its own dynamics and definitions of ML and AI solutions. You may want to implement a natural learning process (NLP), introduce chatbots and amp up your customer support with automation. Or maybe you want something else out of those ML algorithms. Simply put, opt for a machine learning firm offering customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. The firm should be able to understand your business requirements, assess your data infrastructure, and develop a personalized solution that can meet your business needs.

5. Cost (and the value you get)

Cost is a crucial determinant in the process of choosing the right machine learning firm. You want to work with a firm that offers competitive pricing. Still, you should not compromise on the service you get – be it identifying the best machine learning models or providing consistent support. Look for a firm that offers value for money, where the cost is justified by the quality of their work and the benefits of their solutions.

6. Technology and tools

Ultimately, the set of technology and tools will define your plan’s ultimate outcome. During your discussion with the consultant, make sure to brood and talk over the options that are there to explore for technologies. Also, be willing to ask them questions about the tools they have previously used.

7. Timelines and Workflow

They say time is of the essence! And it totally syncs with the next crucial factor to consider – timelines. You must communicate the project timelines. A machine learning consulting firm with years of experience, an excellent track record, a slew of case studies, and expertise should communicate deadlines effectively. More importantly, hear them out as they explain the timelines. It is that factor where you can detect the synergy between your culture and how they work.

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Mistakes that Cause Expensive or Failed ML Projects

You want to make the most of machine learning technology, and thus, it’s natural for you to expect the best as you hunt for the best machine learning consulting firm. But slow down! Even though you have the list of top ML consultants and an even better list of services they offer at a sound-good cost, you still have got some endeavors to do.

The thumb rule to a successful journey on this path is to be mindful every step of the way. And for the rest, here’s a roundup of the best tips to find the best consulting for machine learning:

1. Shortlist Options and Be Patient with Your Search

No need to hurry! While you have a roadmap to create and goals to meet, it is imperative for you not to hurry as you search for an ML consultant. There’s a lot to do before you finally get your hands on the most suitable deal. You have to:

  • Prepare your questions
  • List out your expectations and requirements
  • Discuss the end goal
  • And discuss quotations

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you go through the best options and consider each and every one based on the pros and cons. Giving this search the amount of time it needs will reward you with the right implementation in the end.

2. Have a Transparent Communication

It goes without saying. Doesn’t it? In order to find the right machine learning consulting partner, you must keep the talk open. The talk refers to your project requirements, machine learning techniques, expectations, cost, and all that you need to ensure a smooth-sailing association in the future. Don’t refrain from sharing any loopholes you’ve had in the past if that allows the vendor to come up with the correct solution for you. Note that hiding the pain points can leave room for misperceptions and may block the perfect plan from coming your way. More often than not, the weak points enable consultants to figure out the most relevant streams of solutions. So, the more you tell them about your business goals, customer space, the highs and lows in the technological landscape, and expectations, the better the chances of succeeding with the new technology will be.

3. Keep the Doors for Experimentation Open

Here comes the most important checkpoint. Since you are introducing a new technological layer to your system, it’d be no surprise if mistakes surface or a failure occurs. It is crucial to remember that machine learning is a technology that is rapidly evolving. Given the picture of the market, you never know when you will stumble upon a totally new roadblock or, maybe, a new angle to work towards. So, unlock the doors to possibilities and keep experimenting as and when you get a chance. It can turn out to be your best bet or a failure to learn from. While it’s good not to be dejected by the experiment gone wrong, try to play it safe by consulting everything with the experts in the business and technology.

4. Track Everything

metrics | consulting firm

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In every project, tracking and metrics come in handy. Metrics not only project the progression and the pace of your machine-learning solutions but also allow you to identify the problem areas to work on. It’s a win-win. You get to work out the challenges just when you need to and, at the same time, celebrate the milestones that you have achieved over time. But first things first, work on those metrics. Come up with a set of KPIs that are clearly defined and keenly oriented to your goals. These metrics must be designed with an eye for detail so that every member of your team and the machine learning consulting team can understand.

5. Seek Knowledge and Understand How Things Work

One of the best things you can do during your tenure with a machine learning company is learn. It is, in fact, crucial to gather as much knowledge from the experts as possible. The consulting team will work closely with your team on a regular basis. So, why not learn the best from them about the new system? While the machine learning specialists will provide you with all the guidance all the way through project completion, it is best for your team members to participate in the ML solution development process. Pro tip? Feel free to launch sessions on the development process from time to time. These sessions will act no less than training where your team can ask questions and gain a new perspective on the various aspects of the technology.

Another excellent way to seek more practical knowledge is to participate in projects and get relevant certifications in the machine learning domain. Analytics Vidhya offers numerous programs on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data sciences, with which you can get much-needed training and project experience.


Keeping your checklist of all the must-haves by your side is essential to finding the right Machine Learning consulting partner for your business. Mere criteria (defined and detailed) can help you in many ways throughout the search process. Firstly, it will help you shortlist the best ML consulting firms. Then, it will get you to sketch as many questions as possible, which is indeed an important part of the journey. To top it all, it will also allow you to discover new data, insights, and other aspects that directly or indirectly impact the flow – for good. On your way to finding a supportive, data-driven, and experienced machine learning team for your business, consider the following criteria:

  • Proven track record
  • Communication and collaboration skills
  • Technology and approach
  • Budget

Moreover, do thorough research on the case studies presented by the firm. It includes exploring the work they have done for their clients previously. Ensure their team provides services and support perfectly in sync with your business goals. On top of everything, know when to give things time and slow the pace. It’s easier to be quick at decision-making in case of timelines. Still, it is ideal for taking a step back, having a complete view and understanding of the trajectory, and then coming up with a frame where every milestone is allotted a realistic space.

In addition to everything, ensure that everyone in your team is engaged in the process and that efficiency is maintained. To make the best of it, the metrics and consistent communication with the machine learning team will help you. This way, you and your team can understand the process from start to finish. These details will help you save time, money, and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I choose a Machine Learning Consulting Firm?

A. Identifying your business needs and defining your requirements is crucial to finding the right machine learning consulting firm. Ensure transparent communications with the potential firm and do keen-eyed research on their experience and expertise.

Q2. What does an ML Consultant do?

A. Machine learning consultants assist you in mapping out the right artificial intelligence strategy for your business operations. They provide services like collecting and translating data, gathering useful insights, and researching the best ML algorithms and tools that suit your business.

Q3. How do you Evaluate a Consulting Firm?

A. You can check up on the reviewing and ratings for all your potential ML and AI consulting firms on renowned platforms. Moreover, make sure to explore the case studies on the firm’s previous projects. The type of approach they use in communication, technology, timelines, and tracking is also an important factor to consider when choosing a machine learning consultant.

Q4. What is the Difference Between a Data Scientist and an ML Consultant?

A. Data scientists work on interpreting information from the data. Machine learning constants, on the other hand, help businesses create a suitable AI strategy to maximize their business.

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