Student Gets 94% in 72 Hours Using ChatGPT

Yana Khare 21 Apr, 2023 • 3 min read
Student Gets 94% in 72 Hours Using ChatGPT

Since its debut in November of last year, ChatGPT, a popular chatbot developed by OpenAI, has been the focus of considerable discussion. The ongoing controversy is fueled by a recent account of a student who utilized an AI chatbot to finish 12 weeks of study in only a few hours and receive a 94 on their exam.

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From Desperation to Innovation

On the well-known social media platform Reddit, a member with the username u/151N posted an intriguing tale. The user said they had missed a lot of class due to spending a lot of time in their room and voiced worry about forthcoming midterm tests. They resorted to ChatGPT as a tutor in a last-ditch effort to catch up to assist them in comprehending the key test themes and concentrating their efforts on those particular areas.

Utilizing ChatGPT’s Analytical Capabilities

In order to find the knowledge most important for the next test, u/151N started by getting a transcript of all their lectures and putting it into ChatGPT. The transcript was too long for ChatGPT to analyze. Therefore, they did encounter a minor issue. User/151N summarized the content using an internet tool for paraphrasing in order to remedy this problem before resubmitting it to ChatGPT with the same request. The AI chatbot did not let us down this time.

Efficient Exam Preparation

Efficient Exam Preparation using AI chatbot | student receives 94

On the first day of exam preparation, u/151N was able to condense the main themes from all of the lectures and discussions held during the semester in around 4-5 hours. They only used the course textbook and the transcript that ChatGPT had previously summarized on the second day, asking it to find all the points rated as crucial in each lesson. The user then invested four to five hours in confirming the veracity of the data given by ChatGPT.

The day before the examination, u/151N went over the ChatGPT study guides.

Fortunately, the exam covered nearly all of the material they had studied, leading to the student receiving a score of 94.

ChatGPT as a Tutor: Is it Ethical?

Despite the success, questions arise about the ethical implications of using AI tools like ChatGPT for exam preparation. However, u/151N defended their approach, comparing the chatbot to any other human tutor. “I did not cheat,” they stated, “I studied for 72 hours with AI’s advice on what to study, and I succeeded.

The Future of AI-Assisted Learning

Future of AI-Assisted Learning using AI chatbots

The success of u/151N in utilizing ChatGPT as a tutor and their success is an example of how AI technology has the potential to revolutionize education and learning. The use of AI chatbots in education is anticipated to grow as the technology develops, offering pupils individualized support and resources.

Therefore, addressing ethical issues and setting limitations for AI’s engagement in education is critical. It is possible to guarantee that AI is used in a balanced way that improves learning without harming academic integrity by enacting rules and regulations for its use in academic contexts.

Our Say

In conclusion, u/151N’s experience exemplifies the potent potential of AI chatbots like ChatGPT to speed up exam preparation. AI’s involvement in education is anticipated to expand as technology continues to develop, giving students new opportunities to maximize their learning. Yet, for the long-term integration of AI chatbots in education, finding the correct balance between utilizing the technology and upholding academic integrity is essential.

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Yana Khare 21 Apr 2023

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