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ClearML, an open-source AI solutions firm, has announced the launch of ClearGPT. This secure and enterprise-grade generative AI platform aims to empower organizations to securely and efficiently deploy and utilize state-of-the-art large language models (LLMs) at scale.

ClearML has released ClearGPT, a customizable AI solution for businesses for secure and efficient workflows.

What is ClearGPT?

ClearGPT is a tool designed to help businesses harness the power of ChatGPT-like LLMs, improving their operations by using AI to drive innovation, productivity, and efficiency. The platform enables organizations to expedite the development of internal and external products, outperform competitors, and generate new revenue streams.

Customizable LLM for Enterprises

The distinctive feature of ClearGPT is the customization of LLMs to align with an enterprise’s specific data, operating seamlessly within its network while ensuring comprehensive protection of intellectual property (IP), compliance, and knowledge.

ClearGPT provide LLM for Enterprise

Enterprises can use ClearGPT to deploy their models as an API. They can also embed them into their internal applications or integrate them into their workflow. This allows enterprises to control and create AI models directly from their organizational data without losing any AI-as-a-service capabilities.

Secure Handling of End-to-End Workflow

According to Moses Guttmann, co-founder, and CEO of ClearML, the platform securely handles the entire end-to-end workflow at scale. This includes securely gathering internal business data from sources like SharePoint, Google Drive, or Slack. Customers can then choose a model, train the data, and proceed to the QA phase to test & assess model quality.

ClearGPT ensures that the trained models have the same access rights as the original data, creating a secure enterprise environment. This preserves privacy and access control, allowing businesses to harness the power of AI without compromising data security.

100% Ownership of Data Retained

ClearGPT handles the entire end-to-end AI model building and deployment process inside the organization’s secure network. This means data is not passed to a third-party company or vendor, and internal data access privileges are maintained. Unlike other generative AI-as-a-service solutions, this process ensures enterprises retain 100% ownership of the data & any AI created from it.

Eliminating Limitations and Associated Risks

The company believes that the inherent limitations of existing solutions, such as ChatGPT, have hindered the widespread adoption of LLMs in the enterprise. Concerns regarding security, performance, cost, data governance, and customization have prevented organizations from taking full advantage of the potential of LLMs within their secure enterprise boundaries.

ClearGPT will directly address these challenges and eliminate the associated risks. The platform offers a secure way for businesses to deploy and utilize state-of-the-art large language models at scale while preserving privacy and access control.

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ClearML has released a new tool called ClearGPT that makes it easier for businesses to use artificial intelligence (AI). It helps companies with things like security, speed, cost, data rules, and customization. With ClearGPT, businesses can create AI programs that work specifically with their data and keep everything safe. Companies can use AI to improve workflows without worrying about data security. Using ClearGPT can help companies be more successful by improving how they work. Businesses can be more innovative, and get more done in less time.

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