KPMG Bets Over $2 Billion to AI Aiming for $12 Billion Revenue

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 14 Jul, 2023 • 4 min read

In a bold move highlighting the rapid pace of technological innovation, KPMG, a leading professional services firm, has announced a substantial investment in generative AI. With a commitment of at least $2 billion to Microsoft Cloud and generative AI services over the next five years, KPMG aims to seize significant revenue opportunities, potentially reaching $12 billion globally. This strategic partnership with Microsoft signifies KPMG’s forward-thinking approach and has the potential to reshape the workforce & drive industry-wide transformation.

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Renowned firm KPMG has announced investing $2 billion in Microsoft Cloud and generative AI, betting to get $12 billion in the next five years.

KPMG’s Ambitious Bet on Generative AI

Acknowledging the staggering speed of change and innovation, KPMG’s CEO, Paul Knopp, emphasized the firm’s commitment to embracing generative AI. Recognizing the transformative potential of this technology, KPMG is keen on generating incremental revenue opportunities worldwide. The return on investment is estimated at an impressive $12 billion over the next several years. Knopp believes that this ambitious venture will not only strengthen KPMG’s position in the market but also facilitate its collaboration with Microsoft in revolutionizing the industry.

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A $12 Billion Revenue Potential Unveiled

The revenue opportunities that KPMG envisions lie in various domains, such as cybersecurity solutions for cloud migration and innovative applications for optimizing business models. By harnessing generative AI, KPMG aims to unlock unprecedented value for its clients, ultimately leading to significant revenue growth. With an established alliance of over two decades, KPMG’s partnership with Microsoft presents a unique opportunity to jointly develop and rapidly bring to market solutions relevant to the audit, tax, and advisory sectors.

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Professional services firm KPMG believes Microsoft Cloud's AI can give it $12 billion in the next five years on a $2 billion investment.

Empowering KPMG’s Workforce with Microsoft Cloud

To fully leverage the potential of generative AI, KPMG plans to equip its global workforce of 265,000 professionals with Microsoft Cloud and Azure OpenAI Service capabilities. However, before widespread implementation, the technologies will undergo pilot testing with select business groups within the organization. KPMG is committed to developing responsible, ethical, and appropriate protocols to govern the use of these technologies, ensuring the utmost data security and privacy.

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Leveraging Generative AI for Enhanced Tax Operations

To revolutionize the tax function, KPMG envisions the creation of a ChatGPT-like assistant, leveraging its vast data and insights alongside relevant regulations and laws. This tool would empower clients to streamline tax operations, provide crucial information, and enhance organizational effectiveness. By embracing generative AI, KPMG aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and the complex world of tax, transforming how businesses handle their tax obligations.

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KPMG aims to streamline tax services using generative AI.

Nurturing Talent and Upskilling for the Future

As generative AI increasingly integrates into KPMG’s operations, the need for skilled professionals in this domain becomes apparent. Recognizing the talent shortage in the market, KPMG views this technology as an opportunity to address the industry-wide talent gap. By employing more data scientists and upskilling the existing workforce, KPMG aims to deliver innovative solutions to its clients while enhancing productivity and fostering professional growth.

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A New Future with Generative AI

Knopp envisions generative AI as a transformative force, not just for KPMG but for the entire industry. By doubling down on its investment in generative AI, KPMG is betting on a future where AI-driven solutions become the norm, creating unprecedented opportunities for growth and advancement. This commitment reflects KPMG’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological innovation. It also shows the firm’s belief that generative AI will shape the landscape for years to come.

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Generative AI gains high investments aimed at high returns in the future.

Our Say

KPMG’s investment of over $2 billion in generative AI highlights the firm’s determination to harness the power of emerging technologies. Its partnership with Microsoft seems to put the firm on track toward being an industry leader. The potential revenue opportunities estimated at $12 billion underscore the transformative impact of generative AI across various sectors. KPMG aims to revolutionize the industry, delivering innovative solutions to clients by nurturing talent, upskilling the workforce, & prioritizing responsible protocols. As generative AI continues to reshape the future, KPMG firmly positions itself to lead the way into a new era of possibilities.

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