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Google has unleashed a game-changing innovation set to redefine how Indians and Japanese explore the vast realm of information. Building upon the immense capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), Google’s newly introduced AI-powered search tool, known as the Search Generative Experience (SGE), is primed to elevate the search experience to unparalleled heights. After a successful debut at Google’s annual extravaganza, the Google I/O, the AI search marvel, is now making waves in India and Japan, promising users an innovative way to access and understand information. Let’s find out what it does and how we can use it.

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AI-powered search tool, Search Generative Experience - SGE, launched in India.

Breaking Barriers with AI

Leveraging AI technology, Google’s SGE transcends conventional search paradigms. Designed to be a conversational companion, SGE lets users pose questions and receive detailed responses, akin to conversing with a knowledgeable chatbot. This feature empowers users to interact with search results more intuitively and interactively. It also suggests follow-up questions to build a deeper conversation on the topic.

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Revolutionizing the Google Search Experience with AI

Traditional search results typically inundate users with links that necessitate sifting through to obtain relevant information. Google’s SGE disrupts this pattern by presenting an AI-generated summary atop the search results, seamlessly collating and condensing information from across the web. With SGE, users can bid adieu to information overload and say hello to a more organized and user-friendly search interface.

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Google's Search Generative Experience | SGE

Embarking on a Visual Journey

The search journey is set to take on a more visually compelling dimension. Google’s SGE enhances the visual appeal of search results by incorporating images, enhancing the overall search experience. This visual infusion enriches user engagement and provides a clearer understanding of search outcomes.

To harness the prowess of Google’s SGE, users can activate it via the Search Labs feature. This involves a straightforward process:

  1. Open the Google.com home page.

  2. Click on the Search Labs icon in the upper right corner. This will open a popup introducing SGE.

  3. On the pop-up, toggle the option that enables SGE to appear during searches.

  4. Feel free to try a demonstration to experience the new AI-powered search.

How to use Google's Search Generative Experience SGE | AI-powered search tool

Now, searching for anything on the Google search engine will show you an AI-generated summary right on top. The best web pages on the topic will also be listed on the right. Users who wish to delve deeper can scroll past this summary and explore the original links for comprehensive insights.

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Google search in India is now AI-powered.

In India, where linguistic diversity reigns, Google’s SGE is a beacon of inclusivity. Supporting both English and Hindi, the tool boasts a language toggle, allowing users to switch between the two languages effortlessly. For added convenience, Google is rolling out voice input, catering to India’s inclination for voice-based interaction. Users can articulate queries vocally and listen to the AI-generated responses.

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Search Generative Experience (SGE) in Hindi

Expanding Horizons in AI

Google’s commitment to enhancing the search experience doesn’t stop at its initial launch. The company has continually fortified SGE, integrating support for videos, images, local information, travel recommendations, and coding-related queries. This dynamic approach to evolution ensures that users can rely on Google for a holistic and well-rounded information quest.

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Our Say

As Google extends its innovative AI search tool to India, the digital landscape is poised for a transformational shift. The introduction of SGE signifies Google’s dedication to making information exploration more accessible, interactive, and engaging. The fusion of AI, conversational interaction, multilingual support, and visual enhancements unveils a new era of search. With SGE leading the way, Indians are embarking on a journey of discovery powered by AI’s brilliance and steered by their curiosity.

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