Machine Learning Engineer Salary in USA

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Machine learning engineering is among the most sought-after and well-paid occupations in the United States today. Machine Learning Engineer salary in the USA is quite lucrative. These engineers are well-compensated for their extensive expertise and specialized skills in ML. According to the World Economic Forum, 42% of businesses will be automated by 2027. As automation increasingly targets reasoning and communication tasks, the role of a Machine Learning Engineer gains even greater prominence in this evolving job market. In this article, we will closely look at the ML engineer salary in USA.

Who is a Machine Learning Engineer in the USA?

The goal of a machine learning engineer is to create algorithms and models that use data sets to learn and perform on their own. This artificial model of human intelligence allows computers to predict future events based on past data and apply what they’ve learned to grow more intelligent over time, all on their own.

While all forms of engineering are focused on the construction of something, machine learning engineers build algorithms and data sets that help software learn, compared to constructing buildings and other structures.

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Qualification Needed to Become a Machine Learning Engineer in the USA

Due to the constantly changing environment of the sector, becoming a Machine Learning Engineer in the USA involves a combination of formal education, real-world experience, and continuous learning. The following qualifications are necessary to pursue this fulfilling career:

Bachelor’s DegreeSoftware engineering, data science, computer science, or any other related disciplinesMath, statistics, algorithms, and programming language classes (such as Python and Java).
Gain Entry-Level ExperienceIn software development, AI, or data science after the bachelor’s degree.Jobs in computer engineering, data science, software development, or software engineering.
Advanced Degree (Optional)To get in-depth knowledge of complicated machine learning principles, consider pursuing a master’s or PhD in computer science, data science, or software engineering.Research, academia, and specialized roles are all accessible with advanced degrees.
Specialized CertificationsObtain certifications in tools and frameworks linked to machine learning.To prove your knowledge, take into account credentials from websites like Coursera, edX, or Udacity.

Factors Affecting the Salary

Machine Learning Engineer Salary in USA is affected greatly by a number of factors due to the intricacy and dynamic nature of the industry. The key factors that impact a Machine Learning Engineer’s earning potential are as follows:


Salary is significantly influenced by education. If one has attained a master’s or Ph.D. in computer science or related subjects, it is a good chance to get higher pay. One can even demand it as they possess specialized knowledge and research experience in the field.


The field-specific skill set holds great importance in terms of salary packages. A person who is an ML Engineer can potentially have significantly better compensation with the appropriate skill set to his credit. Higher pay may result from proficiency in relevant programming languages, an understanding of machine learning frameworks, and advanced statistical and algorithmic methods.


Experience is very important in ML. Machine learning engineers at the entry level may begin with lesser pay, but as they advance in experience, they are entitled to considerable improvements in pay. Experienced experts who have a track record of successfully completing machine learning projects are in high demand and can fetch significant rates.


A Machine Learning Engineer’s compensation may be significantly impacted by the sector in which they work. The strong demand for machine learning applications in sectors like technology, finance, healthcare, and e-commerce tends to result in higher pay rates in these industries.


Salary levels are significantly impacted by geographic location. In order to make up for the greater cost of living, machine learning engineers in well-known tech hubs like Seattle, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco often earn higher pay. However, salaries might differ significantly between states and areas.

Where do ML Engineers earn more in the USA
Source: Indeed

Along with suitable degrees, skills, industry, background, and location, the company size, specialization, and economic conditions also have an impact on a Machine Learning Engineer’s compensation in the USA. A job as a Machine Learning Engineer can be more lucrative and fulfilling by being aware of these factors and proactively advancing one’s career.

Salary of Machine Learning Engineers

The Machine Learning Engineer Salary in USA extracted from 2.3k salaries reported, updated on September 23, 2023, by Indeed.

  • Average Base Salary: $160,528 per year
  • Low: $104,337
  • High: $246,980
Machine Learning Engineer Salary in USA
Source: Indeed

Top 5 Companies to Aim for as a Machine Learning Engineer

According to Indeed, the top five companies hiring Machine Learning Engineers are as follows:

S. NoCompanyRatingsAnnual Salary
1Adobe4.3$197,997 per year
2Twitter3.8$186,150 per year
3Meta4.1$181,487 per year
4Apple4.1$179,913 per year
5Citizens3.4$172,707per year


With this, we come to the end of our ML Engineer salary in USA guide.

As companies across the globe work to focus on developing modern products, the demand for ML Engineers is only going to increase. A career in machine learning engineering offers financial benefits and the opportunity to influence technology. Obtaining credentials, developing skills, and staying updated are crucial for success in this dynamic field, promising a bright future in AI and data science.

Thus, if you’re an ML Engineer, there is a bright future ahead of you.

Sakshi Khanna 28 Sep 2023

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