How to Learn Machine Learning Online?

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Machine learning is a highly developing domain of technology at present. This technology allows computer systems to learn and make decisions without technical programming. It has a variety of applications, including recognizing patterns, data analysis, and improving performance over time. This guide on how to learn machine learning online will introduce you to the best machine learning courses available online and help you choose the right one.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is the area of artificial intelligence that uses data and algorithms to solve problems and make decisions the way humans do, increasing its efficiency with time. The types of machine learning include:

  • Supervised Learning: This type of machine learning depends on data and provides algorithms to help the system learn. The outcome the user provides to the machine is ultimately the labeled dataset, and the rest of the data is used as an input feature. For example, you want to understand the statistics and causes of failed software and the reason behind it. In that case, you will feed the machine with the data of 10 software that have been unable, with explanations, and ten software that have succeeded, with reasons. The labeled data supervises the system to understand the data you are potentially looking for.
  • Unsupervised Learning: Unsupervised learning does not depend on labeled datasets and data. This type of machine learning helps create predictive models. The most commonly used models in unsupervised learning include
    • Hidden Markov Models
    • k-means
    • Hierarchical clustering
    • Gaussian mixture model
  • Reinforcement Learning: Reinforcement learning is similar to human knowledge. This model interacts with the environment and depends on getting positive or negative feedback. It uses a trial-and-error method.

Why Learn Machine Learning Online?

Learn machine learning online through the best machine learning programs to experience a flexible learning opportunity. Learning professional skills online offers numerous benefits like:

  • Accessibility: One can access the vast amount of information and wealth of data provided by the course provider anytime, anywhere.
  • Flexibility: The learner can adjust their learning time and pace of learning. The best machine learning course does not bind users to learn within a particular time frame.
  • Cost-Effective: Learn machine learning online courses are relatively affordable and cost-effective compared to offline courses, including the costs associated with infrastructure, maintenance, and service.
  • Industry-Related Content: Online learning offers industry-related content that emphasizes providing industry trends-related training. This type of learning allows the learner to gel with the trends in the technological sphere.
  • Personalized Attention: The best online machine learning courses offer personalized assistance and attention, which enhances the quality of skill development in a learner.

What Concepts Should You Expect to Learn in a Good ML Course?

Online machine learning courses offer excellent curriculums that sum up the entire scope of the subject. The general curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Supervised Learning and Linear Regression
  • Classification and Logistic Regression
  •  Decision Tree and Random Forest
  •  Naïve Bayes and Support Vector Machine
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Natural Language Processing and Text Mining
  • Introduction to Deep Learning
  • Time Series Analysis

Top 5 Online Machine Learning Courses

The top 5 online machine learning courses that can help you gain expertise in the field are:

1. Certified AI & ML BlackBelt Plus Program

Learn Machine Learning Online with BlackBelt Plus

The AI and ML BlackBelt Plus Program offers advanced knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning context. Offering comprehensive training, personalized experience, hands-on practice, real-world projects, and preparing its learners for Future AI and ML-related jobs, this course is an all-rounder in offering all the professional skills for the future tech-savvy department, all in a single course.

2. Machine Learning Certification Course for Beginners

Machine Learning Certification Course for Beginners

This machine learning online course is a one-stop solution for beginners and people looking for a completely free course.

The course offers in-depth knowledge of Python, the basics of machine learning, how to build machine learning models, and feature engineering techniques to improve the overall performance of a machine learning model.

3. Machine Learning Starter Program

Machine Learning Starter Program

The Machine Learning Starter Program allows learners to enroll for free and focus on learning machine learning models and dealing with practical, real-life situations. This starter program includes:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Simplified
  • Expert Talks

4. Applied Machine Learning – Beginner to Professional

Applied ML Program

The Applied Machine Learning – Beginner to Professional course offers all the tools and techniques required for solving business problems related to machine learning. The concepts being covered include:

  • Understand how machine learning and data science are disrupting multiple industries today.
  • Linear regression, logistic regression, decision tree, and random forest algorithms for building machine learning models.
  • Understand how to solve classification and regression problems in machine learning.
  • Ensemble modeling techniques like bagging, boosting, support vector machines (SVM), and kernel tricks.
  • Learn dimensionality reduction techniques like Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and t-SNE.
  • Evaluate your machine learning models and improve them through feature engineering.
  • Learn unsupervised machine learning techniques like k-means clustering and hierarchical clustering.
  • Learn how to work with different kinds of data for machine learning problems (tabular, text, unstructured).
  • Improve and enhance your machine learning model’s accuracy through feature engineering.

5. Introduction to AI and ML

Introduction to AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence is shaping the technological era of the future. Learning machine learning online courses is one of the most prominent selections that can add charm to a professional’s resume. Introduction to AI and ML is a premium course that can provide the following key takeaways to its learners:

  • The current state of AI and ML and how they are disrupting businesses globally.
  • Solid understanding of what AI and ML mean, what they represent in the current market and industry, how they work, and why one should learn about them.
  • Knowledge of common data-capturing types, tools, and techniques.

Machine Learning Jobs and Salary (India and USA)

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the world around us. As they are evolving, they are changing the techniques of how we work and function. As a result, the demand for machine learning experts is increasing in India and the USA. Job roles include machine learning engineers, data scientists, and AI researchers.

The salary of a Machine Learning Engineer in the United States is $1,51,382, while it is Rs. 15,00,000 in India. Data scientists and AI researchers also receive lucrative compensation. A data scientist earns ₹13,50,000 per year in India and $1,27,002 annually in the United States. The average base salary for an AI Researcher is ₹10,05,221 per year in India and $1,17,542 per year in the United States.


Machine learning is a highly competitive domain and is very efficient in providing future job opportunities. Trying hands-on practice with industry experts by learning machine learning courses online can help enhance a professional’s skills and expertise. Brush up on your basics and gain advanced knowledge to ignite your fledgling machine-learning career. Take the first step towards outperforming the competition and landing your dream data scientist role at MAANG+ companies. Enroll now!

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