Inflection-2 Surpasses Google’s PaLM-2: A Breakthrough in AI-Language Models

NISHANT TIWARI 29 Nov, 2023 • 2 min read

In a groundbreaking announcement, Inflection AI, the creators of the popular PI AI Personal Assistant, unveiled their latest achievement. A formidable language model named Inflection-2 has not only outperformed Google’s powerful PaLM-2 but has also demonstrated superiority across various benchmarking datasets.

Inflection-2 Large Language Model

Inflection-2, a product of extensive research and development, has set a new standard in large language models. Tested against Google’s PaLM-2 and Meta’s LLaMA-2, Inflection-2 emerged as a frontrunner. Notably, on the Natural Questions corpus, Inflection-2’s score of 37.3 narrowly trailed PaLM-2’s 37.5, outperforming LLaMA-2 significantly.

Inflection 2

MMLU – Massive Multitask Language Understanding

Inflection AI’s publication of MMLU benchmarking scores sheds light on the model’s strengths and weaknesses. Covering 57 tasks across STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and various subjects, the dataset aims to evaluate a model’s world knowledge and problem-solving abilities. Inflection-2’s impressive score of 79.6 places it among the top performers, signaling its comprehensive understanding across diverse domains.

MBPP – Code and Math Reasoning Performance

In a head-to-head comparison of the MBPP dataset, which focuses on code and math reasoning, Inflection-2 demonstrated unexpected proficiency. Despite not being specifically trained for such tasks, it outperformed PaLM-2S, a variant fine-tuned for coding, with a score of 53.0 compared to PaLM-2S’s 50.0.

HumanEval Dataset Test

Inflection-2’s success extended to the HumanEval problem-solving dataset, surpassing PaLM-2 with a score of 44.5. Remarkably, even though not tailored for these challenges, Inflection-2’s performance echoed that of the formidable GPT-4.

An Even More Powerful LLM Is Coming

The announcement from Inflection AI hints at an even more potent language model in the making. With plans to train on a massive 22,000 GPU cluster—several times larger than Inflection-2’s 5,000 GPU cluster—Inflection AI is poised to intensify competition in the AI landscape. As startups like Inflection AI continue to produce robust AI models, established players such as Google and OpenAI face heightened competition.

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Our Say

Inflection-2’s ascent as a leading language model signifies a significant stride in AI capabilities. The model’s exceptional performance, particularly in tasks not explicitly within its training scope, highlights its adaptability and potential for diverse applications. As the tech industry witnesses this surge in AI innovation, it becomes evident that conversational AI platforms, like the PI personal assistant, are evolving to offer users cutting-edge experiences. The relentless pursuit of innovation showcased by Inflection AI positions them at the forefront of the AI race, promising a future where language models redefine the boundaries of what’s possible.


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