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Questions to ask while designing A/B (or multi-variate) tests

Testing / experimentation can help Organization find hidden information or insights about their own customers and business. Sadly, not many Organizations realize the amount …

Analytics training recommendations from last 2 months

One of the best part about being in Analytics industry is the opportunity (and need) to continuously learn new things and upgrade yourself. I …

Must read books (and blogs) on Web Analytics

I love reading! By reading something every day before sleeping, I not only continue my learning, but also end my day on a fulfilling …

Four rules for creating insightful and actionable reports (and metrics)

Here is a typical situation during performance reviews: “All the business leaders and stakeholders are present in a room. A performance report / MIS …

Segmentation of customers for effective implementation of analytical projects

According to a survey conducted by Bloomberg in 2011 (on companies exceeding $100 Mn in revenues), 97% of these companies have embraced Analytics in …


Taking up the right job can accelerate your career. On the other hand, getting into a wrong job can de-rail you for couple of …

How to create a High performance Analytics team?

Lets assume that you are CEO of a MNC with operations across the globe! Over last few years, you have heard a lot of …


Some time back, I wrote an article on “How to start a career in Business Analytics?“. The article was well received by people who …

Importance of Segmentation and how to create one?

Average is one of the biggest enemy of analysts! Why do I say so? The amount of reporting which happens on averages is astonishingly …


Consider following fact: Let us spend a few seconds to think what information Facebook typically stores about its users. Some of this is: Basic …

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