Kunal Jain — Published On January 27, 2014 and Last Modified On April 18th, 2015
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Recently I came across this article from Software Advice, a website that reviews business intelligence tools, called “Winning Dashboard Creation Tips from the Qlikview Open Data Challenge Champion“. While the article is from the winner of the Qlikview challenge, Mr. Alexandre Perrot, the tips which he has provided apply to any dashboard you create.

The following were three main takeaways for me:

1. Importance of structuring and creating layout / structure before you dive in your data. I had mentioned a similar practice in one of my previous articles here.

2. Importance on visuals and use of colours, especially to highlight the changes.

3. Keeping it simple and effective.

You can read the entire article on dashboard creation tips here.


Thanks Software Advice for conducting the interview and sharing the tips!

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Kunal Jain
Kunal Jain

Kunal is a post graduate from IIT Bombay in Aerospace Engineering. He has spent more than 10 years in field of Data Science. His work experience ranges from mature markets like UK to a developing market like India. During this period he has lead teams of various sizes and has worked on various tools like SAS, SPSS, Qlikview, R, Python and Matlab.

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