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Information Analytics uses quantitative methods such as business simulations, data mining, and advanced statistical techniques to solve problems for internal Caterpillar customers. The Information Analyst contributes to this mission by providing intermediate level statistical analysis, communication, and data management skills to multi-person teams tasked with solving moderately complex problems.

Designation – Information Data Analyst

Location – Chennai

About employerCaterpillar

Job description: 

Information Analytics uses quantitative techniques to solve problems for internal and external Caterpillar customers. Typical problems include determining the most cost effective manner to meet engine emissions standards; determining the principal drivers of health care costs; recommending the optimal supplier for a part; identifying which parts are most likely to yield the greatest cost savings; and identifying sales, rental, and service opportunities for Caterpillar dealers. In addition, Information Analytics also provides analytic assistance to high-profile enterprise-wide projects such as Strategic Improvement Projects.

Qualification and Skills Required

  • Requires an accredited 4-year degree, preferably in statistics, economics, mathematics, or a similar field with quantitative coursework.
  • Excellent analytical skills are essential. This is the second level of information analyst assignments, and 1 to 2 years experience at Caterpillar or in its industries is expected. Successful candidates will have exhibited the ability to begin working independently and have demonstrated ability to apply theory and concept.
  • Must have ability to communicate effectively with team members and others in the work group, as well as with customers.
  • Must be familiar with MS Excel, Access, Word, and Power Point; and statistics package(s) like SAS, SPSS, or MiniTab.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Advanced degree
  • Your road to success is built through a Caterpillar career. As part of the talented Caterpillar team, you appreciate that working for a global leader creates endless opportunities for you.

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