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Designation – Machine Learning Expert

Location – Mumbai

About employerMachinepulse

Job description:


  • Entire machine learning implementation process: model design, feature planning, system infrastructure, production setup ,monitoring and release management
  • Design scalable predictive models with large number of features to find the hidden opportunity in the large datasets.
  • Develop the model to perform various analysis in the data and forecasting like weather prediction, outlier detection, performance evaluation, risk analysis and fraud detection etc.
  • Implement the models for advanced analytics on the large data sets like preventive maintenance, proactive failure detection and comparative analysis.
  • Use machine learning techniques optimized for distributed computing environments
  • Interact with appropriate business development and marketing team to gather their requirement and convert the same into the deliverable models.
  • Improve the accuracy of the models by implementing complex algorithms for different training and validation datasets.
  • Test the developed models in distributed and non-distributed environment in the cloud.
  • Migrate the developed models to satisfy different business requirement and work entirely in different environment.
  • Evaluation of various open source Machine Learning / Data Mining /Statistical modelling tools by developing Proof-of-Concepts(PoC’s) and Proof-of-Values(PoV’s) as and when requirement arises.

Qualification and Skills Required

  • Advanced knowledge of predictive analytics / statistical modeling / machine learning such as Univariate , Multivariate , Regression Analysis, Bayesian classification, Collaborative Filtering, Decision Trees, Logistic Regression ,Support Vector Machines(SVM’s) and Clustering problems applied to large data sets
  •  Expert in at least one Programming Language: Java, Scala, Python.
  • Good understanding of UNIX / LINUX platforms.
  • Familiar with at least one data analysis tool: R/Mahout/Weka
  • Familiarity with at least one versioning tools: Bitbucket, gitLab , SVN.
  • Strong inclination towards mathematics and statistics.
  • 2-3 years’ work experience
  • Good knowledge of Deep Learning Algorithms
  • Experience with predictive model markup language(PMML) .
  •  Experience with distributed machine learning tools : Mahout/MLBase
  • Experience with big data processing frameworks like hadoop and its ecosystem tools.
  • Experience with at least one NoSQL database: MongoDB, HBase and Cassandra.
  • Experience with any cloud Environments : AWS , Rackspace and CtrlS

Interested people can apply for this job can mail their CV to [email protected] with subject as Machine Learning Expert– Machinepulse – Mumbai

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