The Machine Learning Times of Year 2015 – A Powerful Growth Story

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Machine learning is a core, transformative way by which we’re rethinking everything we’re doing. We’re thoughtfully applying it across all our products, be it search, ads, YouTube or Play                                                                                                                                                                          –  Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google

2015 has been the year of machine learning. The revolution to let machines make sense from huge data is gaining momentum by the day (we just created a few data points in writing and reading this article!). Not just Google, companies like Amazon, Accenture, Toyota, Hitachi, Tesla, Johnson & Johnson and many more embraced machine learning at massive scale and improved their products & services.

Also, it is not just big companies, startups have been an equal part of this revolution. Start-ups have come out with innovative applications of machine learning and some of them got acquired before they could test the market!

In order to bring out the developments, we’ve created an e-paper ‘Machine Learning Times’ (till Nov’ 15). We’ll also update it at the end December. It conveys significant development happened during the year with Machine Learning. Catch the complete story below.

machine learning times


Read the complete news here: Full News on Machine Learning in 2015

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avcontentteam 19 Dec 2015

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Jigar 24 Nov, 2015

Really amazing infographic. I learned of a lot of facts from the infographic. Thanks, Jigar

Prof Ravi Vadlamani
Prof Ravi Vadlamani 25 Nov, 2015

Fantastic post about the giant leaps made by ML/Soft Computing/Data Mining/Text Mining. Very well captured in a single infographics for the first time. Kudos for that. One can easily come out with a similar one for previous years as well.

Santiago 25 Nov, 2015

What about TensorFlow (Google) and SystemML (Apache ) recently published open source projects? May be do you want to add those projects into the post

Anon 25 Nov, 2015

Missing from the list are the two big news items from the previous weeks Google open-sourcing TensorFlow and Microsoft open-sourcing the Distributed Machine Learning Toolkilt.

Analytics Vidhya Content Team
Analytics Vidhya Content Team 26 Nov, 2015

Hello Thank you all for your suggestions. I'll soon update ML Times with latest events.

Michael 20 Jan, 2022

Great Article! Thank you for sharing this is very informative post, and looking forward to the latest one.