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Location: Pune / Kolkata

About the employer: Confidential


Job Description: 

Responsible for developing engineering solutions and services, the company’s core text analytics engine in collaboration with the team. Implements professional concepts in accordance with company objectives to solve complex problems in the field of NLP and machine learning in creative, innovative and effective ways.

Investigates, creates and develops new methods and technologies for project advancement.  Regularly exercises technical discretion in design, execution and interpretation of experiments that contribute to project goals. Contributes to project process within scientific discipline through innovative research. Prepares technical reports, summaries, protocols and quantitative analyses.

Should be able to customize solutions built on top of Xpresso for different clients from different domains. Should lead the effort in domain modelling, data extraction and preparation. Prepares and installs solutions by determining and designing system specifications, standards, and programming. Improves operations by conducting systems analysis; recommending changes in policies and procedures.

Develops NLP and other text analytics components and services across the company. These components will be used for developing sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, content filtering, topic extraction and auto-tagging. You will work on sentiment analysis, information retrieval and other related areas. Develops software solutions by studying information needs; conferring with users; studying systems flow, data usage, and work processes; investigating problem areas; following the software development life cycle.

Experience with part of speech taggers, NER, resolving semantic disambiguity, syntactic parsers is very essential. Collaborate closely with fellow architects, engineers and product management to ensure functionality is designed properly so that it’s stable, scalable, usable, of high quality and meets customer needs. Should collaborate with the testers and ensure quality and quantity of testing, dataset preparation and annotation etc. He will also lead the effort in fixes, improvements and enhancements based on the testing outcomes.

Research, experiment, and build prototypes using new technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing applicable to the proposed solutions. Partner with external teams to understand frameworks or tools being developed elsewhere to identify areas where the team can leverage, co-develop, or share technologies.

Participate in scientific conferences and make contributions to publications, research journal write up and patents. Take part in company’s Intellectual Property submissions, lucid problem conceptualizations, institutional innovations and subsequent bench-marking.



About the Company:

We are a well funded, revenue generating company looking to augment our highly talented text analytics R&D team. You will be working on our core XPRESSO text analytics engine that takes in unstructured text from various sources and finds key hidden insights. We are on our way to building the best analytics engine there is. We are able to look at a statement such as “This washer uses a lot of power” and understand that this represents a negative sentiment in an unsupervised way. If you are able to see why this is hard to do (sentiment lexicons fail on this), we’ll like to talk with you.

You should be totally comfortable producing production level code in addition to evaluating the relative merits of various academic papers. We come up with and implement bleeding edge NLP algorithms on a daily basis and you should be excited at the prospect of doing the same.

As part of the company, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to grow and develop your skills in a highly relevant industry vertical (NLP, machine learning).

You will also get the opportunity to directly interact with some of the most renowned academics in the field of NLP.

Research at here is centered around the domain of data sciences on structured and unstructured data, using big data analytics, social media analytics, natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, statistical modeling, predictive analytics, information retrieval, artificial intelligence, text analytics and processing, knowledge-base buildup, pattern recognition, and semantic parsing.




  • Work with the product team to flush out product level details
  • Develop methodologies for evaluating precision and recall
  • Participate in scientific conferences and make contributions to publications, research journal write ups and patents.



  • Excellent programming skills (particularly Java)
  • Experience with NLP tools, algorithms and techniques
  • Updated with the latest technologies and research in the field
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning
  • Skills with architecting large-scale high performance distributed systems
  • Technical discretion in design, execution and interpretation of experiments that contribute to project goals


Desired Skills and Experience

  • MS/PhD in Natural Language Processing or related field
  • Excellent Java skills
  • Out of box thinking ability
  • Skills with architecting large-scale high performant distributed systems
  • Technical discretion in design, execution and interpretation of experiments that contribute to project goals.


Interested people can apply for this job by sending their updated CV to [email protected] with subject as Senior Software Engineer / Senior NLP Engineer – Pune / Kolkata  and the following details:

  1. Total Experience
  2. Current CTC
  3. Expected CTC
  4. Notice Period

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