Data Scientist – Delhi NCR (4+ years of experience)

27 Dec, 2016 • < 1 min read

Experience : 4 – years
Requirements :
Task Info :

We are a multinational business process and information technology services company. We are a global leader in designing, transforming and running business process operations, including those that are complex and industry-specific.Now, we are in process of re-defining the use of big data and machine learning for managing human resources in a company. 

Hence, we are looking for a curious data scientist, who can find his / her way through big data.The person would be responsible for setting up an HR analytics practice, proving the value to the organization and scaling it up. The person should be a thought leader, open to try out new approaches and ready to work on problems, not many have solved.


•Set up data practices to identify and implement data based opportunities in the organization.

•Create machine learning models to predict human behaviour specifically attrition of employees, performance expectation and prediction.

•Implement, evangelize and scale big data based solutions within the organization


•You have a deep understanding of statistical and predictive modeling concepts, machine-learning approaches, clustering and classification techniques, and recommendation and optimization algorithms.

•With 4+ years of experience delivering world-class data science outcomes, you solve complex analytical problems using quantitative approaches with your unique blend of analytical, mathematical and technical skills.

•You are accomplished in the use of Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms with the techniques like R, SVM, Survival, Neural Network, Random Forest etc..

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : classification, clustering, machine learning, optimization, predictive modeling, statistical modeling
Location : Gurugram

27 Dec 2016

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