Text Mining/ Text Analytics/ NLP- Sr. Resource- Gurgaon ( 6+ Years of Experience )

29 Dec, 2016 • < 1 min read

Experience : 6 – years
Requirements :
Task Info :

What we want you to do:

•Understand customer business use cases and be able to translate them to analytical data applications and models with a vision on how to implement.

•Design, develop, and test applications for text processing, such as name or entity matching, text categorization/routing, named-entity extraction, sentiment analysis

•Identify enhancements that can help to improve the productivity of the team and to improve the precision and recall scores for the categories

•Researching and recommending machine learning algorithms and data sets for advancing the state-of-the-art techniques for "entity resolution" (Named Entity Recognition, co-reference, anaphora, etc.)

•Develop and implement the solution using Java technology stacks.

Skills We Think You Need to Do This:

•6+ professional experience with core skillsets include semantic technologies (RDF,OWL), knowledge representation, natural language processing, Text Mining, search algorithm development and development in Java/J2EE/Scala.

•Good understanding and implementation of graph analytics and graph algorithm.

•Experience with Big Data execution using Hadoop / Horton Works.

•Experience with text mining using GATE or UIMA.

•Experience with Open source NLP libraries e.g. Corenlp, Opennlp, mallet, etc.

•Good Knowledge of indices such as Apache Solr, Lucien and Elastic Search will be plus.

•Good Knowledge of real time data streaming and offline data Streaming

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : graph analysis, java, nlp, text mining
Location : Gurgaon

29 Dec 2016

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