— February 6, 2017

Experience : 2 – 5 years
Requirements :
Task Info :


Have basic understanding of XML and XSLT. 

Basic knowledge of SQL and UNIX. 

Ability to work with or configuration, accounting, workflow, payment, settlement, market data, generators, views and reports.

Other Skills Required: 

Effective verbal as well as written communication skills.

Effective time management skills.

A commitment to quality and a thorough approach to work

Should be able to travel across globe depending upon on the business requirement. 

Should not be  location bound or preference.

A commitment to quality and a thorough approach to work

Min. Experience Required:                              

2 yr in MLC & VAR module                                    

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : sql, unix, xml
Location : Gurugram

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