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Mabl Uses Machine Learning to Automate Functional Testing for Developers


  • Mabl has automated functional testing for developers
  • The service just needs to be shown the workflow, it adapts and runs by itself after that
  • Mabl runs on the Google Cloud Platform



Developers have always had headaches with functional testing (the process of testing the front end of the application). It’s a tedious process that must be done to ensure the application or product runs without any glitches.

Mabl, a startup from Boston, has launched a software that uses machine learning to make the process of functional testing easier for developers. Users will no longer have to write huge lines of code by hand.

Instead, developers only have to show the software the workflow they want to test and Mabl does the rest. It will perform those tests and even adapts to the smallest of under interface modifications. The software is able to detect bugs, errors in JavaScript, visual changes, broken links, and a whole lot more, thus making the testing for users as simple as possible.

The co-founders of Mabl are Izzy Azeri and Dan Belcher, who previously founded Stackdriver (that was bought by Google). Unsurprisingly, Mabl runs on Google’s Cloud platform. The team working under the co-founders uses a wide range of tools, like Google Cloud Functions, BigQuery, CloudML and the Google Kubernetes Engine.

Once a user signs up for Mabl, the software will scan the site for potential errors. It also allows the user to create their own tests. The user has to walk the service through a scenario, and the service automatically understands the steps it needs to take to perform the test. If you experiment with a new user interface on your site, Mabl’s software will perform the same test on it.

Currently the service is available as a preview for free. Developers who want to use it can sign up here.


Our take on this

For any product, quality assurance is one of the most important elements and Malb’s release makes this process simpler, faster and more efficient. One of the things we really liked about the service is the custom testing. Regardless of UI changes, the software adapts itself and performs the testing steps.

Mabl’s release is in a competitive automation testing field which has seen the likes of Selenium, Watir, IBM and others release products in the last few months. It remains to be seen if they will be able to sustain their user base going forward.


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