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  • Lobe is a visual drag-and-drop tool that automated deep learning; no coding necessary!
  • It lets you build custom DL models, tune them, and deploy them to your application
  • All the model training is done on the cloud so your machine’s performance is not impacted



Deep learning can be hard to grasp for most people – especially those who are from a non-programming background. Most people who are unfamiliar with it’s working seem to be intimidated by the connotations of the word “deep”. Can a person with no programming experience ever succeed in deep learning?

As it turns out, you can! Lobe is a drag-and-drop tool that makes automates deep learning for folks with no programming expertise. It does not require any coding. It’s a visual tool that lets you build custom deep learning models, train them in double-quick time, and deploy them in your application.

Lobe works in three steps:

  • Build: Drag your training dataset into Lobe. The technology behind the tool will automatically build a model for you.
  • Train: Tune your model by adjusting setting and parameters. You can also monitor training progress in real-time with awesome visualizations. Since the model is build in the cloud, it doesn’t slow your machine’s performance
  • Ship: Once you finish training your model, you can export it to TensorFlow or CoreML and run it directly in your application.

Another fascinating aspect of Lobe is that you can see your entire dataset visually. You can select any icon and see how that specific example is performing in your custom model. You don’t need to worry about the train-test split either! Lobe does that automatically as well.

The below 10 second video shows how the drag-and-drop interface works. You connect building blocks together (called lobes) to create the deep learning model. Watch how it plays out below:

The product is currently available in beta. You can visit their site to check out examples of how this tool can be used and for any tutorials in case you are planning to use it. Also below is another video (slightly longer at 13.5 minutes) where the developers explain in details how Lobe works from scratch:


Our take on this

This makes deep learning accessible for anyone! No longer do you need to worry about which tool to pick out and what language to learn. The initial results this has produced have yielded impressive accuracies in models. I can already the potential this has to revolutionize industries. Plus this will get a lot more aspiring data scientists into the world of deep learning, which is an added bonus.

The team behind Lobe is also working on getting text processing into the tool so this will only get better in the coming months. Definitely one we are keeping an eye out for!


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