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Usain Bolt created a World record by running 200m sprint in 19.30 seconds in 2008. What do you think he thought while he was preparing for 2009?

He had his mind set to beat his own personal best and he did!

Why am I talking about Bolt here? Well, I find myself in a similar situation.

DataHack Summit 2017 was an unprecedented success. We created India’s largest conference with unilateral focus on data science practitioners. The community loved the focus, the content and the knowledge sharing at the event. If you haven’t seen already – check out the highlights below.

What are we thinking now as we are building India’s most advanced data science conference? If you cut through my mind and get a peek inside – this is what you will find 🙂

DataHack Summit 2018 is going to be an even bigger, better, brimming with knowledge and the most exciting event ever in Artificial Intelligence!



The venue is bigger than last year but tickets are selling like hot cakes so make sure you grab yours before they’re sold out. Prices go up on September 30th so avail the discount today! Head over here to book your seat for India’s most advanced conference on AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and IoT!

Let’s take a quick tour around DHS 2018 to see how it’s shaping up and what we have in store for you.


Content at DataHack Summit 2018

If there is one place we bet our reputation on – it is the content we create and we curate. DataHack Summit 2018 will be an epitome of this. To be honest, we are having a tough time saying no to very exciting talk proposals. Here are a few eminent speakers in AI and ML who will be speaking at DataHack Summit 2018:


The most exciting thing which people would see are the Hack sessions. They saw a tremendous response from the audience last year, and have been expanded to reflect the latest breakthrough developments. Below are a few topics to whet your appetite (click on each session to read more about what will be covered):

And here are a few awesome hackers, who will be performing live hack sessions:

Check out the full speaker line-up here.


Startup Showcase & Research Track

We will top up the sessions and Hack Sessions with an exclusive Startup Showcase and Research Track. We will showcase some of the most exciting AI and ML startups across the globe to showcase their offerings. Prepare to have your mind blown by some of the most amazing uses of AI and ML in a variety of domains.

In addition to this, there is an entire track dedicated to cutting-edge research! We are giving individuals the opportunity to come and present their work in front of our community.


DataHack Summit 2018 Venue

This year’s venue is none other than the NIMHANS Convention Center in Bengaluru. There are three auditoriums (yes, three!) – so you are going to see 3 parallel tracks. So you can look forward to more sessions, more industry leaders, and more engagement!

And all this space means an opportunity for even more events. There will be more hack sessions this year, and each session will have an even bigger audience than before.

DataHack Summit 2018 will have bigger and swankier LED screens as well! So regardless of where you’re sitting, the presentation and code will be visible from all corners of the room.


So what are you waiting for?

Reserve your seat TODAY! There is an incredible deal on offer and prices will go up on September 30th. So act now and become a part of India’s most advanced AI and ML conference.

See you at DataHack Summit 2018!

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Pranav Dar
Pranav Dar

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